HELP Can't stop eating

My stomach hurts sooooo bad.

I really need someone to talk to. I didn't even eat that much. A healthy amount... but my stomach feels like it's going to explode.

I keep gaining weight and I'm afraid it's going to get out of hand and soon I will be overweight. I'm so terrified!!!!

I need help, guys. I don't see my psychiatrist until August because I'm going away to camp. I'm so scared for camp. It's an intensive dance camp. Last year I was anorexic and comfortable as a dancer.... now I'm closer to overweight than underweight in the healthy BMI and I feel terrible about my body. I don't know what to do I can't get my mind set correct and make myself stop eating so much.

Yesterday my doctor told me he still thinks I'm depressed. And I thought about it.... oh my gosh he is right. Everything I say is so negative about myself. How do I stop? I see it as all true!! I'm a fat, ugly, horrible student who can't change her life around even though she exercises and keeps track of what she eats. I REALLY TRY BUT I ALWAYS END UP FAILING!!!! I ALWAYS END UP GIVING IN! Ok not always... but many times. It sucks can anyone help me?

I know how it is to deal with such things you are not alone, all you can do is continue to fight, it is so easy for others to look in and say "just do this" or"its easy just stop" we are in a world oh so cold where only some wil go

But I’m so upset I don’t want to fight even more! I’m tired of not getting anywhere!!! how is it going to be different?

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bassoonist u are not failing it is not u who has the problems only the depression likes to play tricks and make u think untrue things.

look at the things u have accomplished dance camp and a healthy bmi all that is so encouraging to others who are reading your post.

yes u have a few self esteem problems but thats ok we all do, even those of us who dont have depression worry about how we look etc.

why not b kind to u and acknowledge all the good things u have achieved.
give u a cuddle for doing so well, gettin where u are and where u are going, infact hi five the computer.

but most of all keep chattin and posting

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

Thank you for offering such great support to many people! I would like to say that not everyone has self-esteem problems, even though I use to.
I’m not sure how you relate to those who struggle with eating disorders, but I hope you will consider the seriousness of this, and the need to understand before offering advice blindly.
You do offer some great general advice. Thank you for that. Would you like to share a bit about your own situation? I hope you will write about our own needs as well.
Take care…Jan :heart:

point taken janurse

i wont make such general statements again but in answer to your question i have a sister in law who has battled an eating disorder since the 60s long before it was given a title and research was done, a daughter who has a rare genetic disorder who is dying because no one knows enough about her illness in the first place to give u an idea how rare it is only 165 people in the whole of the states have had it and food is killin her not because she doesnt eat but because no matter what she is fed it fails to put weight on, but i do take onboard its not all about self esteem but sadly the last seminar i attended focused on self help and how people precieve themselves as a good starter block in beginnin positve feed back i came seeking andwers no one can help my sister in law and no one can help my child. i am very pro active in a lot of things that realate to my large and varied family so do forgive me and yank my chain when i step out of line

as always

loving thougths and positive vibes

Dear Domestic,
I saw a youtube video on a girl with the same genetic disorder just last night! It was very sad, yet at the same time it was moving because even though she was picked on all her life she was still hopeful and trying to live her life as much as she can.

Domestic....I am sorry that your daughter and sister-in-law suffer. It must be painful to watch them suffer. You are not out of line, I only wanted to encourage you to share more about where you come from, in terms of your interest and support. It helps, you know, to see how this has affected us all, however sad and painful.
I love 'proactive'!! Thank you for your caring and supportive presence....HUGS...Jan


Remember that the dance world is highly focused on body size, line, etc... For those of us that struggle with body acceptance, and self acceptance, opening ourselves up to such open criticism can be painful... I danced ballet for many years, and I know how damaging that kind of scrutiny can be... Be careful with that... If you think it would be better for your recovery, you might want to rethink that... I know that's a difficult thing to consider, but it is your life at stake...

Thinking of you!



You’re right. It really is. But hopefully I will be able to overcome it and finally be at a place where I feel at least semi-comfortable soon.

Thank you everyone for the support!

to all

thank u for your kind words of support.

loving thoughts and positive vibes