HELP! Here's an update on elimination diet. My inflammatio

HELP!!! Here's an update on elimination diet. My inflammation is definitely connected with eating eggs. And pork. I'm also allergic to all dairy, coffee, and several other things that I hadn't eating normally anyways. The next thing I want to eliminate that was tested as an allergen, is chicken....

I'm really really struggling here. I looove eggs!!! I am actually supposedly only allergic to the egg yolks, but I absolutely hate egg whites in themselves. I think they're disgusting and unsatisfactory. I found that I was still hungry after eating them that yesterday I actually overate at dinner. It wasn't a binge, per say, but I overate and didn't follow combining protocol that my doctor has me on to try to eliminate this bloating. I just want to take everything out of my diet and feel good again!!! But, I'm really not supposed to do it that way. I have to wait another two or three weeks before taking the next allergen out of my diet.

Soooo. How in the world am I supposed to enjoy a breakfast without potatoes, eggs, milk, coffee, wheat, or pork? I can't have sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, burritos, etc. I want to try using almond flour and coconut flour with "chia eggs" to make scones. If it works, then I have one thing. but, I like to eat a hearty protein meal in the morning! I'll have to settle with tea and water with my scones....and then what? How much protein is in a scone? Is it all carbs? How in the world am I supposed to lose weight while taking out eggs, pork, and chicken? Beef is more fattening....turkey is really expensive. What else is there? Bison, maybe. But that's sky high too, and we're on a really small budget. Do any of you have egg allergies? What do you do for breakfast? I'm pretty good on lunch and dinner, at least unless I have to take corn out of my diet. I eat Mexican, so I can make tacos out of pretty much any kind of meat or seafood. And, I can have sauteed veggies and fish for dinner. Later I'm supposed to take out Spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers, but one thing at a time....if that is the case I will have to find a good substitute for salsa, because I have that with everything. Also, I am avoiding soy, but can have coconut milk, cashew milk, or almond milk.

Amazing site where you can put in all your allergens and recipes will come up, I have a friend who is allergic to soy, gluten, dairy, and many other things and she is a smoothie girl, you can add protein powder that is Vegan, almond or rice milk and fruits and veggies. Hugs!

@CKarma Thanks! I’ll try that…I’m not really a smoothie girl, but that’s only because I haven’t felt that good, and I find that I’m starving after drinking a smoothie…so in stead of helping with weight loss, I usually end up eating more. I might get more into it, I don’t know…but it’s really not my thing. Thank you so much! I’m going to check that out!