Help hospital admittance

I got a postcard in the mail from my nutritionist,and it says i need to "register at the admitting department 20 minutes before my appointment time"and that the admitting department is located at a different section of the hospital. I'm really scared,just because at my last doctor's appointment,they threatened to admit me. Do you think they just need information about insurance or something? it just worries me because I've never had to go to a different section of the hospital to fill out the typical paperwork before. am I just freaking out about nothing,or should I be worried? I don't know if I've lost any more weight,they took my scale away,but i know if I have they're going to try and put me in the hospital. :( help,guys! what do you think?

I don't know what this means.... and I wouldn't freak out until you know for sure! There is no point in driving yourself crazy when You don't really know what is going on. I am sure you are nervous, I would be too. But maybe getting help at this time is for the best, yanno? It will hopefully only help you.
I am sure you are worried, but try to stay calm, and maybe you could even call and ask what it is for?
STAY CALM! You can message me if you want, I'm seventeen too, and I'd be happy to talk .
Good luck!

thank you.:) I know I'm probably freaking out over nothing,but ughh something about being admitted,it takes away all of my control,you know?and I'm already going nuts as it is with all the changes they've been making,and trying to comply with them. I know I'll completely lose it if I'm trapped in a hospital bed and can't make any choices on my own,or excersize at all. :( but your right,no point in freaking out yet. thanks.:)

sometimes we all need to be reminded that we can't control everything... especially when we here deal with a disease that very much prohibits rationality bc all we want is control...

stay calm as cc said. you know that's best right now.

also, try stepping out of your shoes and looking in at your situation - maybe hospitalization is what you need, esp. when medical professionals are advising you to do so?


best of luck, and let us know what happens.

i hope you can stay relaxed and find clarity without anxiety taking over!

I would be nervous too about that, but honestly, I would call asking what that was about before I would get too worked up about it. But even if your suspicions are right, maybe it will get you on the right track. I know I would be nervous if I was in your shoes but I would also look at the positives of the situation. Maybe it will be the help you need :)

thanks guys. :)_ I know I need to just breathe and not panic. thanks for being my voice of reason.:P I'm still scared but,idk..I'm gonna just pray everything turns out like it needs to.