Help me i need a boyfriend

help me i need a boyfriend and SEX NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you can find a means of coping with this in a positive and constructive way. Desperation can put you in a situation that is very ugly.

Good luck.

Get a grip, predators sense desperation, find something else to occupy yourself, respect yourself, have dignity, your not a farm animal so think it through.


Rebecca, healthy, loving, lasting relationships don't happen with that type of urgency. No you do not need a boyfriend or sex right now, and if you solely rely on those two things for your happiness, you will find yourself very unhappy in the future. Quick fixes are never enough. Everyone gets fed up with being lonely or craving affection, but seeking it out the way you are, like luv and april have said, will only attract the wrong type of attention and in the long run, make you feel even worse. Search for something more positive and it will come to you naturally.

xo, July

Becca, you do not have to do this to yourself.

Contact me. You know how to find me.

I am not hard to find. You should have called the VA or better yet Homeland Security. I do a lot of volunteer work since we last saw each other. Hope you get in contact with me.

My community where I live needs me. I am an EMS Stormchaser.