Help me please

Hey everyone I am just really freaking out and I am so nervous and I am crying up a big old puddle well as some of you already know I have started to bite myself and I ended up with this rash type thing on my arm where I bit and I went to my counselor today and I showed her it and she really wants me to go and see my doc if it don't get better by next week and I know I should go if it don't get better but I really don't want to to go cuz I don't want to tell him that I bite myself I don't trust him enough to tell him and I just really don't want to tell him and I don't want him knowing and my mom sometimes comes in with me and I don't want my parents knowing I am never planning on telling my parents for different reason I am just really hoping it gets better but that is all I can think about I just needed to get my feelings out on here about my feelings and I am going to a concert tommorrow with some from friends and I just have a feeling I won't really be enjoying my self cuz alls I will be thinking about is this whole thing with my bite. It helps me getting my feelings out on here.

I don't know if you should even wait until next week. The rash could be a sign that the area is infected (or maybe it's some kind of weird bruising, I don't know, I'd have to see it, and even then, I'm not a medical professional). One thing you could do is call the doctor's office and speak with a nurse and tell them you think you have a rash and want to know what might indicate that you need medical attention. If you go to the doctor, you can try telling your mom you want to go in yourself because you feel you are old enough and you will tell her anything she needs to know when you come out. I understand about not feeling comfortable telling the doctor. I don't know how your parents would feel about you finding a different doctor that you are more comfortable with (I am assuming here that you are a minor), as having a doctor you are comfortable with is very important. Regardless of your comfort level, however, if you need medical attention, you need to see him. If you can get away with just saying I've got this rash, then great. But if he asks further, be honest. Tell him you are working on this in therapy so there is no need for a lecture or making a big production out of it or bringing the parents in or any of that. If he reacts stupidly, don't take it personally. Sometimes you just have to let stupid people be stupid, if you know what I mean. Remember, your health is more important than your fear.

Thanks 4 the response and this rash I have is getting better so I don't think I will have to go to the doctor I told my counselor that I honestly can't for see me going to the doctor but i know she really wants me to go and she asked if I would at least talk to her about going to see the doctor and I said yes but if it wasn't getting better by this week I would go in cuz my counselor really wants me to go and so I would go but to also to be honest I could see myself going in there and saying I have this rash and I have no idea where I got it from but my counselor said that it looks like a obvious bite mark from me. Also I love my doctor he is so nice and I don't want to change doctors but regardless of that he is not someone that I want or will tell about my si and even if I change doctors I would still feel the same even if I changed doctors. My doctor is just someone I don't want knowing about my si even if I had a different doctor. I wonder how confedentiality works with my doctor and my mom if I were to tell him if he ask me. My mom and my dad are other people I don't want them knowing about my si.


i have five girls and with each of them we hav only joined the doctor for the last few minutes of the consultation to see if we need to no anything, mayb u could work something like this with your parents, and i think u could speak about biting yourself with all honesty. for you this is a big issue but doctors see things like that every day, they dont make a big deal about it but sometimes do need to no the cause of something to help u if u did need medication. hoping u can work it out, sending u love and best wishes always


The Human mouth has more germs then dogs...

You need to confront it.

How old are you ? Young I think.

Start NOW and Get Control of yourself !
Be Strong, Make Yourself Stronger...

Maybe it is time to tell someone, Like your Doctor, and if not tell your Mother you want to see a different Doctor...


People are People, you never know how someone will react to things.

I told my Mother many things, like example, I tried Drug before. Now SHE thinks if I act funny or strange to her I am 0or was on them, She said it explained a lot.

NOTE: I only tried them and never did drugs on a regular basis etc... ONLY TRIED to see what it was about.

So now my UNQUE Personality and Strangeness is consider to have been due to drugs.

I want her not to think that, but she will not stop.

SO I MUST ACCEPT THAT. I cant change her mind about it so I finally learned to STOP TRYING and it is OK, Think what you want, I know the truth and that is OK !!!



Get treatment YOU NEED IT NOW ! FOR THE BITE !!!

Then talk to someone you trust about it and remember expect any response from them and let it BE !!! Dont fight them they will do think and say what they will.

BUT YOU NEED to STOP THE SHAME you feel now !

You also need to find out what is causing this to happen.

You can help yourself, Keep a Journal, Write online blogs, do something to get the feeling out and figure out what is happening.

You have a GREAT CHANCE being YOUNGER !


The Doctor needs to treat it now...

ASking for help and needing help, I finally Learning, is OK !!!! Everyone needs help sometimes.

Not everyome will understand but do it for YOU not them !