Help me please!

Ok so I have called and called and called the doctor's office I still can't get anything done I am getting worse by the day I went in to the emergency room the other day because I could not even walk for 3 days and could not bare the pain any longer I went in hopes to get something done and was just told I have chronic pain to get my Pcp to get me a referral to a pain management doctor and a neurologist because I have recently started having a tingling/numb feeling in my upper legs at all times and my left hip hurting none stop I tried looking for a new Pcp but noone is excepting new patients I am stumped I don't know what to do and I want fixed NOW!!!!

first, i feel for you and your pain. i suffer from chronic knee pain and the only diganoses ive gotten is they THINK its nerve damamge. but i hate to tell you its gonna take time before any doc takes you as a patient. it took me countless trips to the emergency room, numerous doc visits, x-rays, blood tests, biopsis and a couple injuries related and partly caused by my knee pain. dont get me wrong, ive been treated by a few docs in that process but not properly. i always had a good deal amount of pain cuz they told me it was this or that which it never was this or that. closest diganosis ive gotten was in '08 when they finaly said i have nerve damage which i felt was pretty close and was FINALLY getting proper care and treatment. my point is its gonna take time before your gonna get proper treated. i hope that you dont but you might have to wait like i did before you finaly see the right doc to get the right care. not to scare you but i went thru 4yrs of **** before i received proper care. and im still in some amount of pain every day. chronic pain never(from what ive been told) goes away. i have good days and i have bad days. my pain is most likely different from yours so i hope you have better luck. i know your angery and frustrated right now. if youd like some tips i use to decrease the pain a little bit, id be more than happy to share them with you. the best of luck to you and i really hope you dont have to go thru what i did.

Is there any type of clinic that can take you on as a patient until you can find a more permanent Dr. I know here where I live there is a good sized one that takes all kinds of payment (even none). It may not be the best alternative, but isn't it better than always going to the ER. Around here there is also only 1 ER & if one shows up too frequently in pain they soon get pegged as a drug seeker(not that that's you). That's just this particular ER. Good luck.