Help, my bf and I have been dating a few months, I am very s

Help, my bf and I have been dating a few months, I am very sexual, him.not so much, he can get an erection but soon as we start intercourse he loses it. First he blamed the lack of privacy at my home, we live together with my sis, then we went on long vacation together, first night was good then no luck, I have never had this issue before, this is first time ever situation for me, I am torn between leaving him or asking him to use Cialis or Viagra. I lay beside him every night and while he is asleep I am crying out my frustrations quietly. I love him but if this continues that love wont be enough.

Before you leave him, have a conversation with him, ask him if he would be willing to see a doctor/consider medication, also consider talking to him about using props and sex toys, experiment. If you love him, exhaust all options before breaking up. Hugs!

arrange the role play, ask them to take Viagra and all get better) do not worry everything will be okay) was added to Facebook's talk)!

totally understand, i am almost been with my bf for a year and we havent had sex much. but i do love him and i know its hard on him, not being able to please me. thing of the way he feels too.

I'm dealing with the ED and take viagra but it doesn't always work . That's the problem im having is realizing that I may never have another login relationship again because everyone will leave

@micielo11 Not everyone will leave, my bf has been like this since I met him a year ago and I am not breaking up because of this .

@ErraticButterfly do you believe that you can deal with it for many more years to come ?