Help. My narc is trying to trade in his car for a new one an

Help. My narc is trying to trade in his car for a new one and said with my name on the loan he will get a better interest rate cuz i have good credit and his sucks. I said i dont want my name on it and he said ok. But idk how he was able to know he would get a better rate using my name. He must have asked the dealer to enter my info. He asked if i would do it but i said no. He said he would do it without me and pay the higher interest rate. Im scared he will still use my name. Can he do so without my knowledge and sognature or will the dealer require my presence to do so? He forged his wifes signature on a title the last time he traded in so i dont put anything past him. Anybody have any reassuring news for me? Uggh.

Does the local precinct have a fraud unit who could advice you on what you can do? Sometimes walking in not reporting anything but gaining information might really help you figure out what your options can be on making sure he cannot use your name. If you know where he shopping for a car, would calling them be a help? Please keep us updated on how things are going. you are standing up for yourself, and that is an amazing this! hugs to you!

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Thanks. I could call the car dealership but im not sure they wont tell him i called. I saw the paper with the details and it listed just him as the name of buyer. If he is using my name wouldn’t it also be listed under name of buyer? Uggh these trolls!

@pentiumpilot I think you got the wrong thread

Sorry to hear this. However he can't use your credit without your consent

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@northernbayfree@northernbayfree thanks and
Well not legally but he forged his wifes signature last time he traded in. Narcs dont care abt breaking the law. He married me even tho he is already married. Bigomy and forgery right there.