Help needed

Hi all..I hope the weekend is good for everyone, I would love to say it is good here.
I just really would love to have some peace, I just sit here in total anxiety hell..I feel like I am such a disappointment to everyone, I feel like if i sh i will feel better but i NEVER do. I am so stressed that I am going to run out of the medication that I rely on to just get out of bed in the morning, and the stress of what i need to do every day just the stupid run of the day chores send me into a nose dive, I want there to be just a magical pill that i can take to make me a good person that can deal with the normal daily tasks..
aahh sorry I know I am rambling i just a lost and kinda broken right now


When I feel like that, I just need time to myself and something to focus on. If your thoughts are racing try music or a favorite movie. If your feeling just plain stressed try reading or playing a game. I like to get my mind off the stress (it's a big trigger for me) and deal with the problems when it's time, i'm better. Because there not so bad, but thinking about them will make it worse.

I can relate to those feelings but after taking close to a year of DBT skills training I honestly am finding more days of peace. I am now working part time and even occasionally find myself laughing at something. You may want to consider looking into a DBT training program. This program was developed by Marsha Linehan especially for people with borderline personality but am finding it also useful with bipolar disease as well. I hope this helps just a little.

I understand how you feel. I feel inadequate at times and wish there was a magic pill I could take that would make it all fine and dandy. What's most important is to know that you are stay positive which is easier said then done.

I haven't offically been diagnosed with BPD yet, waiting for my health insurance, but I am certain it's what I have. I fit the criteria to a "T".

In the mean time I am trying to educate myself as much as possible.

My family on the other hand thinks its a bunch of bullshit and have no desire to even try to understand. They think I am making excuses.

On top of that I live with daily physical pain, but try to carry on a normal life and do so most of the time.

My support here at home is non-existent. I'm just supposed to "buck-up and get over it".

I get frustrated and cry and get told to stop the "crocodile tears".

It's then I feel like my world is over, that nobody wants me around and the pain in my heart is so burdensome and hate who I am.

my mother used to say "pick yourself up by the bootstraps" I hated that. I understand

I think we all feel that way at times Kristen.

I had a horrid weekend after loosing my only pet cat that I have had for 13 years. I watched him die a horrible death rite in front me. I am pissed at the veterinarian for not keeping him the day before!!

If your having problems with anxiety I would suggest looking into a coarse I took that worked for me. It's called Attacking Anxiety and Depression from the Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety. Check out the website and see what you think. It worked for me. I had huge problems with feeling the way you do when I was younger. The cost there is expensive ($500) but it is on Ebay for around $50. I just looked yesterday for someone else here they had about 12 of them. Here is the link for you :

Take care Kristen,

Has anyone done behavioral therapy? Does it help with anxiety and so-called "crocodile tears"?

Kristen- you are the magic pill, you have all the power to change your situation, and your reaction to your situations. The only way things get done is to do them. I used to hate the old saying.. how do you eat an elephant... one bite at a time..
when your to-do list is overwhelmingly large, step back breathe and cross off one thing each day and give yourself the credit you deserve for getting things done instead of criticising yourself for not doing enough. Love and forgive yourself.

Hey all,
I also took the attacking anxiety and depression course and it was so helpful. I learned how to change myself from the core and actually face my problems/fears. I also go to counseling. There I can vent and let everything matter how crazy I sound. My counselor helps me to pick apart my irrational thinking. She gives me advice for helping with my anxiety and depression. I have also worked with DBT and CBT and they opened my eyes. There are books with great readings for both of these treatment options. I know that when I get really panicky, I grab a relaxation tape and lay down in a quiet room and just listen. It only takes 10-15 minutes and it will calm your breathing, decrease your heart rate, and help you to get back to reality. It's really all about going back to the basics and getting at the root of this. Hiding behind the fog of anxiety and depression and real issues that have to be addressed before we can get better! Hope this helps :)