Help please Is this OCD

I had HOCD, for sure. And as soon as I read what it is it vanished in 99%. This was about 1-1,5 month ago. I'm straight.

I am in a loving relationship, and the exs' name pops up and stresses me. Is this OCD?

Can OCD tell you, on and on that you are in love with you're EX? Even though it was 5 years ago, I broke up with er, because I didn't love her.

For me the most apparent symptom of ocd is unwanted thoughts or intrusive thoughts. I have many... Lately I have been worried that I am lusting after other women and being unfaithful to my wife. It is hard because I do look at other women and then catch myself and wonder, if I had the chance would I cheat? I know I would not, but is scares me to be put in that situation. I don't even want to be tempted, but I am.

One thing that has helped is the advice from other people that have suffered from this. One thing is that we should let the thoughts be there and just ignore them. Trying to figure them out only makes them grow. Consider it background noise that has no meaning at all. Don't try to fight them, just simply ignore them. They are the bully on the other side of the street trying to pick a fight. Just keep walking and don't pay them any attention. Akita