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I have had OCD for four years, and it has been really hard to deal with this without telling anybody (which I havn't). But it is really scaring me because recently my OCD has went from common OCD (constantly washing hands, touching things, e.t.c..) to realy bad religious thoughts that I don't mean. Three weeks ago, I was in my room, and this thought came up in my mind. It was about selling your soul. I immediately tried to push the thought out of my head, but it just wouldn't go, and I even started saying in my mind (not by choice) that I would sell it. I'm scared because I didn't wish these thoughts, and even said it out loud. I didn't mean it out but it just came out. Ever since then I have had this thought that told me I sold my sold, and ever since I havn't been feeling like myself, and havn't been able to sleep since. All day everyday, that's all I think, and it's really causing me to lose my life. I need some serious help. I'm so scared


It sounds to me like what you have is a combination of obsessive thoughts that are moving into the realm of some paranoid delusions. Do you have a psychiatrist or therapist you can call? If you feel like you are scared you are going to hurt yourself, I implore you to get help. I can assure you that you did NOT sell your soul . I promise you - your soul is still in tact and completely your own. Trust me - you are fine. This is a unrealistic and imrobable thought.

Be strong.

Obsessive religious thoughts have a name, it is called Scrupulosity. The word scruple is a Latin word that means a tiny pebble. The word was used to give a picture of a pebble in someones shoe that was a constant nagging pain. Scrupulosity is the obsessive thought about sin and God and the devil. I suffer from this and I can tell you that it is very troubling and confusing. However, you must know that you are not alone. I belong to a Yahoo group called the scrupe group. It can be found here:
It is moderated by a Lutheran pastor. One of the common threads for any kind of normalcy is that we must allow the thoughts to be there and consider them as meaningless. The effort to try and put them out of our minds is fruitless. They mean nothing, they are not you. Treat them them like a bully on the playground that you simply ignore. I know this can be difficult, these thoughts sent me to a mental hospital and I was suicidal. However, it has been 7 yrs. since my first attack and I can tell you that God is faithful. Your thoughts do not determine how faithful God is. He does not abandon His children and he will not abandon you. I will be praying for you.. Peace and joy to you. Amy Christ give you rest... Akita

Thank you mdgirl and akita777. I just wanted to let you guys know that I learned something this morning. Today is my birthday. I have been looking forward toy 21st birthday for a long time. When I woke up this morning. Instead of feeling really happy that this day is here, I felt hollow inside. I then told myself, god knows I did not think these thoughts on my own and that I would never sell anything he gave me. I felt better after that and ignored the fear of feeling empty. So far, for the first time since these bad thoughts occured, I'm feeling good. I want to thank you guys for helping me by taking the time to comment. I was afraid nobody would respond.

Hi everyone, I am a master's counseling student studying scrupulosity. I have known many who suffer from OCD and scrupulosity and my research is aimed at helping those individuals.

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