Help pleasee

so i just got diagnosed with the beginning stages of an eating disorder in september and things have been going pretty well. Well i have constant weigh ins and i have no idea what i weigh and it really didnt bother me until like the past two weeks. i look in the mirror and want to cry. to make things worse my best friend is sort of triggering things to get worse because she keeps asking if shes fat or what she should have plastic surgery on, i keep telling her that this bothers me and that she doesnt need to change herself in anyway but she keeps doing it. i know its only the beginning but ive been trying really hard and im scared that im going to go back to abusing laxatives and restricting. bascially, im scared of myself and my thoughts towards my image. any advice? thanks<3.

Hi there, just a thought, you might want to post this in the 'eating disorder' section as it is very active other there and lots of people who can help!

Everyone has triggers, I understand your bestfriend being a trigger for you, someone who is very close to me is a trigger for me as well. If you don't feel comfortable sharing with her why you'd prefer not to discuss plastic surgery and weight loss, simply start by changing the subject or removing yourself from that siutation. You KNOW how dangerous laxative abuse and restricting is, we all do, toxic situations I think when you're trying to recover should be avoided and eventually re-introduced as your treatment progresses.