HELP! To provide background info, I'm a student at one o

To provide background info, I'm a student at one of the Art Institutes in Florida, I'm in my third year and supposed to get graduate and get my BFA soon, I only have ten classes left. I've been using the post 9/11 GI bill my dad signed over, and that has been what's keeping me not only in school but also me and my mom afloat. It ends on my birthday (in March) and I won't be graduating by then. I haven't been on top of talking to people to get financial aid or be otherwise prepared, because I am horribly afraid of talking to strangers and sometimes I almost get sick with fear...So I'll avoid contact any way I know how. BUT that means I'm only just now learning there was a FAFSA deadline a long time ago.... What on earth can I do to get financial aid by March..? Anything?? My mother and I are also trying to find a cheaper place to live, but no luck yet... so we still need the housing part of the GI bill... I have no idea what to do...

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You could try googling and looking for other scholarships that might apply to your situation

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