Help us determine what my son has

My 21 year old is a wonderful son, loving, caring, has a full time job with benefits and manages through the day. He has been to a couple of doctors and we have an appt with a psychiatist soon.

At a glace we thought ADHA/GAD but I'm not so sure it's ADHD.

HE: talks all the time, moving/smoking/biting nails all the time, talks but never listens because it takes to much time, his thoughts race faster than he can speak them, worries about small things that most people do not worry about, goes into HUGE detail on every topic, never late for work, love his job, happy.

He gets some relief from Xanax, none from Valium and only a tiny relief from Klonopin. Has tried Straterra (?) which made him angry, racing thoughts increased greatly in 4 days, more nervousness. Stopped that. Now takes Wellbutrin but has only been on it for 4 days. Nothing noticed yet, of course.

We did a hair analysis and his adrenal glads are in full force. Their level should be 4 and his is 153. Fight and flight mode all the time. Poor diet which we have inceased with protein and taking supplements of Holy Basil from the herbalist. That has seemed to help more than other meds.

To me this really isn't ADHD and he has not been diagnosed with that - we just considered it being a part of this. He, as with most of us, losing train of thought while talking 100000mph.

Does anyone have the same symptoms?

Please provide some suggestions if you have experienced these symptoms.