Hi Im new to this group and am looking for some help...beating this **** eating disorder

Hello pyxye_dust - Welcome to Support Groups!

It's good to see that you're already angry with your ED (Eating Disorder)! Have you sought professional help? What type of ED do you have?

I had anorexia at the beginning of the year and when I tried to sort it out by myself, it transformed into full-blown bulimia and has made me pretty **** ill. I went to the Drs at the beginning of October which was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Since then, I've been fighting my ED and I see a therapist once every two weeks.

You'll find a lot of support here. I use the site to read other people's posts, offer support, share my recovery through my journals and to seek advice when needed. I find everybody on this site to be amazing.


Thank you for responding to me…I’m 25 and have been sick since I was 12… Ive had alot of proffessional help, but nothing seems to work! Right now Im just really struggling to do this outpatient, Its SOOO hard but I think if I really want to get better anything is possible!
XOXO Pyxye_dust

pyxye...welcome, and please continue to write! I love that you said you are beating your eating disorder....are you seeing a professional? Can you share some of the tools that are working for you? Hoping to hear more..Jan ♥

Thinking of you, Pyxye_Dust! :) We're all in this together!



hi , and welcome!!!!!!!