I OD on my Zoloft friday.. I needed help, right? Well a person evaluated my case. They decided my case was not severe enough to go In-Patient... Does anyone out there feel the same way as me.. I am PISSED.. Did I do it wrong? Not enough pills? Did they want blood? Ugh, it's wrong.

i did the same thing once upon a time... I took my entire bottle of zoloft.. i was feeling sad a depressed so I took another... still felt like ****... took another.. my question- why inpatient? do you think that is the only thing that can help you?

hi notallowed,
i understand how frustrated you must be. you wanted help and they did not provide that to you. i have been hospitalized 3 times for the same thing. honestly, inpatient does only a few things. they usually change your medication, get you on a stable diet, and regulate your sleeping. the main goal of inpatient is just to keep you safe. honestly in the 3 times i have been there, it hasn't been that helpful. sure the people were wonderful and did all they could, but spending a week in acute care never fixed my issues. i got a counselor and that has been wonderful for me. i hash everything out with her and we get to the root of my problems. i can vent and say anything i want and she doesn't judge me. also they have voluntary long term facilities where you can check yourself in for 3-4 weeks. I feel like those places are where you will get the therapy and tools you need. Inpatient usually isn't the answer. I'm sorry for what you're feeling right now and what you went through. But please don't do anything else. You have the right to life and things will eventually get better. after i OD'd i thought i would be a lost cause for the rest of my life...but now that i have gotten help, i feel good about myself again. there is always hope. please don't give up and if you ever need to talk, i'm here!

Please. Suicide is not the answer. I've been there twice myself. I lost my Father to suicide in 1999. He hung himself. I never got to do the things with him I wanted. I never got to tell or show him how much I truly loved him.
Then, in 2007 I lost my ex-fiance to suicide. He shot himself.
I tried to kill myself twice when I was 17. I had been raped by my step uncle. It was so hard. But when I graduated high school i bolted. There is getting better. Find someone to talk to.