I am not sure if this is a eating disorder but I have tried to purge after eating a normal amount of food many times but the many times I have tried it wasn't a success, I have decided to stop trying to purge but I just can't stop thinking about how much I want to purge after I eat, I am trying to stay strong but it definitely hard. I just don't know what to do any suggestions.


Hi Princess, what brought on these sudden urges to rid your body of food? Have these thoughts always been there?

Ever sense high school I always thought I was fat but the purging thoughts I think started about a year ago. I always compare myself to others and then I just think I am fat, and I just thinking eating will make me fatter, but I do get hungry and so I eat and so after I just think about how much I want to purge to get the fat out of my body that I just ate. But like I said I tried purging many times but non of them being a success, and I actually got myself to stop but the urge is still there and I just lost I don't know what to do, and if this is really even a eating disorder or not, but I just wanted to reach out now cuz I know this could spiral out of control like some other things that have in the past.


Princess, it is a form of disordered eating for sure, and I am not a professional who can diagnose you, but it would appear that you may have a very mild case. Have you ever confided in your health care provider the thoughts you have after eating? Group therapy would be a good option for you...just to educate you on the dangers and repercussions of engaging in ED behaviors and how to deal with the urges.

Well I have a counselor and I told her about this, she is actually the one that made me want to stop trying, but the urge and thought to purge after I eat are still there. I have thought about group therapy but I am very nervous about it I have never had group therapy and I am not sure how it works and if I have to share my feelings to people I don't even know, that's going to be really uncormfortable, and especially it makes me nervous it being face to face with people.


I felt the same way when i started group - but the comforting thing I took from it was that we were all there for the SAME reason...our ED's united us...

Yah thats true that is a very good way of looking at it.

One more thing that's a very good point you have there and I will definetly use that, just have to repeat that thinking

You should talk to your doctor about this. She may think that you need to see a therapist or go through a short term outpatient program depending on how severe things are. Please don't assume it's not a problem and that you can just stop because it is just going to spiral downward if you keep it up. Trust me!! Take it seriously!

Sonrisa thanks so much for your post and well I actually already have a counselor and she knows and she is the one that helped me stop, but it is just still on my mind, but thanks you so much for your post and I should tell my counselor that I am still thinking about it I think.


Yea because if you are still having those thoughts then it is definitely something worth talking about

Yah I do agree, I see her this week so that will be good

Good let us know how it goes <3