has anyone had any sucess with lyrica? I just started it one week ago.

thanks, cathy

Hi Cathy, I haven't tried Lyrica though I am here to offer my help and support. I am hoping that one of our Supporters will give you direct insight and experience. How are you feeling on it now? Are you finding it to be helpful?

Tried Lyrica seemed to work for first 4 months, but always felt buzzed or a very stoned feeling especially with dose increase or decrease.
Seems like the new drug Savella is the way to go, for the first week you will get stomach pain with nausea, after that pain goes from a 9+ down to about a steady 3 on pain scale. Nothing seems to get rid of pain fully, but I'll take a 3 over a 9 any day. also Lanacaine shots to very stiff and rigid muscles in back shoulders and neck helps. The Dr. told me moderate increase in stretching and exercise would even drop pain more, that don't help except keeping active keeps your mind off the pain if only for a short time. I hope this information helps you like it did me.
Good Luck
And I feel for you, not a very forgiving disease.
George M.

I have been on Lyrica now for about 2 months now. I had a very nasty flare up about a week ago because I massively pushed myself at work for about 2 weeks straight working 18 to 20 hours daily and it made me have massive pain and this really horrible dizziness. I don't know if it is me or the Lyrica but the doc is now having me do Savella and I am on Lyrica 150 in the morning and 150 in the evening plus now 25 of savella morning and night as well and possibily moving to more Savella and less Lyrica. I will let you know that since I have been on Lyrica I have gained 20 pounds so still having pain, now being dizzy all the time (at least right now) and this weight gain I am not a major fan of the drug. It seems in the last 3 days that I have been taking Savella that is is going better and I am in a much better mood!

I hope it all works out for you and this is officially my first support given and I am glad that I have someone to talk to about this that understands!!

Thank you to all of you. You are all very suppotive. I agree that Lyrica that i am on, i have found that i feel stoned (out to lunch) on it sometimes and can be very dizzy at times too. George, you mentioned savella? What is that? And has anyone ever tried Cymbalta?
Thank You to you all :)

Hi Catts,
Savella is a fairly new drug, designed for fybromyalgia, (it is a serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor) seems to lower pain. One very common side effect when first getting use to it is stomach cramps and nausea, but this goes away after a short while (about a week) It helps me out especially in the colder months, where it seems like I have no energy to deal with all the pain. It really does work somewhat better than lyrica

hey thanks George.

I am currently off work at the moment because of pain and some mild depression. I have been trying to do my job, and it has been so hard because i hurt and i am totally drain from it all.
So while i am off i am to keep taking the Lyrica they started me on.
So far i find it is not really working. Today i called my dr. and asked if
i could try Cymbalta because i felt the other was not working for me.
Kinda peeved me off, because they said no wait another week to see if
there is a difference. I want to go back to work, i have to work. So i
really hope in this short time something works for me.

I was on lyrica for a long while. I somewhat felt high but I was ODing because the pain was so bad. Eventually my insurance kicked me off of it and I got switched to Gabapentin. Works pretty well.

Hi Jassy,

did you have any Weight gain while taking Lyrica?

I didnt notice a weight gain.

Hello all, I have tried Lyrica and it made me suicidal. My Dr said that she hears that alot from people on this medication. cymbalta can have the same affect it all depends on person. I am currently on savella been on it for a week and I have noticed a difference. I feel better have more energy and my kids are loving it because I am not moody as I was. I am also a pill for anxiety which I love it helps relax your body which makes the savella work even better. I also take Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia. sometimes I feel like I own a pharmacy. :) Hope this helps. Be careful on the lyrica, you may not have this issue but be aware of mood changes.

Lyrica is an awful drug. You gain weight and that's about it.
I started going to arthritis core strengthing class in the local rec center.
The classes are sponsored by the arthritic association. Now I have advanced up to a vibration technology machine. It is wonderful and only takes minutes a day to equate hours of exercise. If anyone wants to know more, I will go into more detail. No drugs are needed if you get to this point. Get off all inflammation foods like citris, tomotoes, etc.

I'm on Lyrica too Cathy. I've only been on it a month or so but I'm not seeing much improvement unfortunately. I tried Cymbalta before that and didn't get much relief there either. Hope Lyrica helps you. Hang in there.

Hi everyone,

A more recently new symptom i have for about 1 and half weeks now is
Stomach pain. Everytime i have taken Lyrica, i get these nasty pains and they last for about 2 to 3 hours afterwards. Anyone else went thru this?
Cathy :)

Problem is Lyrica may not work. I took it for months and nothing. Have also taken I think every antidepressant known to mankind and nothing.

On the depression thing, [you don't have to answer this] but do you think it is causal or effectual? In other words, did you get depressed and are now feeling chronic pain, fatigue, etc. or are you depressed now because you've felt like crap for so long and nothing is helping?

If the later, please keep on looking for what might be the "real cause" of your illness. There are SO MANY things that can go wrong in the body along with allergy problems that can cause very severe symptoms including joint pain and fatigue. Thyroid, Autoimmune, Pituitary/Hormonal, just to name a few.

If the former, then obviously dealing with the depression is paramount.

Good luck.

I've been on Lyrica about 3 years due to Guillain~Barre and at first, taking 150mg a day, I couldn't tell it was doing anything. Now I take 600mg a day and I consider it a miracle drug. My leg pain is down to about a 1 or 2 compared to not being able to get out of bed without it. I also take Soma and Vicodin. I hope this helped. Good luck.

I take Lyrika for hand neuropathy. Was first give Gaba but that made me crazy. I am on Cymbalta, wheening off Lyrika and for depression I have Effexor and Wellbutron. Can someone exlain Savelle?


I took lyrica for a while, did nothing for me except make me sick and gain weight, I take cymbalta and I guess it helps some, I also take vicadin and xanax and I still am in pain, the xanax is for anxiety and that really helps keep be from flying off the wall....I know all this stuff isn't good for me, but would really be a mess without it....I am 73 and know a lot of my problems are age related....I have restless leg very bad and take mirapex for that....all this meds keep me sane....

I was on Lyrica and found it to be very dangerous. I experienced every adverse side effect you could have. It was as bad as having FM. The longer I was on it the worse my problems became. I also tried Cymbalta with little success. Right now I am taking Topiramate . It's not great but at least it does not seem to have any side effects. I am terribly frustrated by my doctor's refusal to give me anything for pain. Is anyone else coming across this problem?

Hi Catt, I took Lyrica for about a year and LOVED it.......for it gave me my life back, so to speak. Hated to stop taking it but it caused too much edema in my feet, ankles and hands. If I could take it again I would.........

I hadn't had any major issues with Fibro for about 2 years afterwards until I had surgery and some major stressors in my life once again. Now, my fibro is back but not like before. I have found that Yoga and Exercise has truly helped in the past but with my new surgery Yoga is almost impossible, at this time. My Rhumatologist has put me on a new drug (2 days ago) called Sulindac. Supposed to be brand new.....we shall see. Hope Lyrica works for you!