Helpless I just found out about three hours ago and I am maHelpless I just found out about three hours ago and I am

Helpless I just found out about three hours ago and I am married I have not had sex with anybody else and he denies that he has how could this have happened and how could I have gotten this? :(

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It could have been him, but there is also a huge possibility you've had it way before now. The Control Center for Diseases does not require gyn doctors to test people for herpes during a yearly exam. That's why there are hundreds of thousands individuals like yourself honey. Get to your doctor and get the few answers they can give you. They will be nonchalant about it which gives you no hope but you must remember why you are here and why you matter.

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He could have already had it before you got married and didn't even know he had it. Or you had it before you got married if you were with anyone and now have an outbreak. The only other way is someone isn't being truthful.

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This is exactly the thing the virus can lay dormant in your system and for some reason it just Rears its ugly head which can be caused by a number of things maybe stress illnesS. regardless if you get tested you could recommend that your husband get tested as well because you might want to make decisions about precautions and it is a good way to know what the risks are if one party has it any other doesn't but it will be ok believe me

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you can get it through virus shedding even during the time when the doner has no outbreak.

Through sickness and in health...your husband made a vow to you and he loves you. I know this sucks but you will weather this storm with your husband and he will be your rock to carry you along when you get to weary. You are a very lucky woman and I envy you because you found the love of your life. I want to find mine to, just take precautions and continue to enjoy your marriage. You and your husband will survive this silly virus.

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Thank u. Your words mean alot everyone.

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