Herbal sleeping pills?

Has anyone tried them?

yes i have tried them sleeykaren, i am not in your group, but i tried the supercritical brand and did not have much luck. i think to really make them work you need to go to an herbologist. but i wish you well with your insomnia. i have had it myself and there is nothing, well, there are worse things but insomnia is awful. with hope and faith that this can be resolved in your life....

Do some research on Valerian. This is one I have tried, and it does seem to help.

Hi, I tried Valerian, and at first I thought they were working, and then by the time I'd started on the second bottle they didn't seem to be making much difference so considering the price which over here in Australia is quite expensive I stopped taking them.

However my mother has been taking them for years and swears by them, so I suppose all you can do is give it a go.