Here is a long poem i wrote about my experience with self ha

here is a long poem i wrote about my experience with self harm.
tw, somewhat graphic depictions of self harm and the emotions which accompany it.
it was originally split into two parts, so it will be spaced as so.

name: "antichrist"

son of satan,
slave to blades.
my mind is stained red
like the sheets and blankets upon my bed

a worshiper of sinners,
i am held captive by my treacheries.
my horrid past mistakes
threatening to be the death of me.

as i hold the crisp edge to my skin
the shiver crawls down my spine
like a drop of water
down a smooth surface.

smooth is something my skin will never feel,
smooth is a word my skin begs to be.
but i am the son of satan,
i am a slave to blades.

the only thing my body knows
is the pain of life
the pain of a knife
the blades i am indebted to.

(... part 2)

they scream my name,
beg to be fed
i resist, i resist
but my grip slips

my mind spins
the blood drips
ecstasy, silence
the blades quiet

like a hungry newborn
begging its mother for food
they had their fix
yet my relief is only temporary

as they starve again,
their screams for their own pain to end fill my head
so i feed them
i let them indulge, spoil them, stuff them

they eat like a buffet,
my skin the meal, blood the drink
my mind their server
my will bent and broken as their payment

i am the son of satan,
a slave to blades.
i am the antichrist,
reminiscing in the pain.

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This is painful and wonderfully written and I have tears in my eyes

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@Stínový thank you :slight_smile: