Here is a poem i wrote about my struggle with wanting to hel

here is a poem i wrote about my struggle with wanting to help people but not being able to and having to let them go.
name: "sand through cracks"

i cup my hands to cushion your fall,
you drop right in, a little damaged ball.
i hold you close, hold you tight,
but tonight you're a little too rowdy.

you melt like mercury,
the heat of my hands making you pool.
you beg for the cold again,
you want it to make you feel whole.

but the cold is what got you here,
the cold gave you frostbite.
you'd rather lose parts of yourself to ice
than the warmth of someone who loves you.

my fingers act just like a strainer
and you pour through my fingers.
i try to hold on
but i can't close the holes in my hand.

as i beg for you to stay,
you wither away.
i try to pick you back up,
but it's pointless.

i realized today,
sometimes people can't be saved.
sometimes holding onto people
is like holding onto sand.

it's inevitable for them to slip through your fingers
just like sand through cracks.

This is really beautiful!  How was your weekend hun?

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@CKBlossom thank you!
my weekend was okay, i’m finally back home at my dad’s. feels nice. how about your weekend?