Here's a poem that I wrote awhile back

By the way, this is what I'm going to share in my acting class on Tuesday! So nervous! :-$


As I sit across the table
from my newly met RD,
she asks if I can tell her
just when this all began.

When it all began?

When it all began?

When DID it all begin?

Surely not
when I discovered
that restricting
brought me praise.

Nor else when I first learned
to hide my body out of shame.

And not, I think,
those times I cried
a child's tears
to see myself
in a world
that seemed to brim
with grace
and delicate

No, not even with my birth
into this human world.

It all began like this:
one woman
took a bite
of luscious fruit
that had been plucked
from the wrong tree
and Paradise


And so,
because of this,
I wade in illness,
in disorder,
in disease,
and empty,
and certain even now
that if I eat,
I, too, will surely die.

HI there: I have not posted to you before but have been following you a bit here and there. This poem is beautiful and haunting at the same time.
I think I have seen you quoting scripture and so you must be a believer, as I am. I am struggling just like you to give my trust to HIM so that I can give up my "control" of my ED and let the Lord handle it. I am so trying and it is so hard I pray that you find this peace too.
And the poem is great I know your class will agree!


Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi Vero,

You are so good with words. This post actually made me cry (I'm sitting at my desk at work crying, people are looking at me, but there you go... they all think I am strange anyway!!) I can so feel how you are feeling from this. I really hope that you manage to find the courage to get this out in your acting class tomorrow. Be strong, you can do it. I know you can. Please let me know how you get on. I will be thinking of you

Much love

Lisa xxx

Thanks, Lisa. I’m glad you found it powerful–although I apologize for making you look like a crazy person! :wink:

Don't apologise. I cry a lot, it's not abnormal for me to cry at my desk :-)

Hope you are well today? Xxx

Doing alright. Trying to get back on track after derailing a little bit yesterday. Feeling sort of anxious and uncomfortable about the day, but I’m sure I’ll get by. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Beautiful! It touched my heart so much. Your such a talented writer! :)

Thanks; I’m glad you liked it!

Hi vero, I was just wondering if you managed to read your poem out to your acting class today? If so, how did it go? How are you feeling today??

I hope you are well

Much love

Lisa xxx

Hi, Lisa.

We ran out of time today in class… It got bumped to tomorrow. :-/ One more day of nerves, I guess. I’ll let you know how it goes!



this is great as i love love poetry! poetry is sooo underrated and no tmany people seem sto be into it, which is sad cuz i love it..and you are great at it---and i can actually see this as a monologue--a really dramatic monolougue....

thanks! oh, and it is soo cool you quoted scripture!


Yeah, poetry is pretty awesome. :slight_smile: I love it. Do you have any favorite poets?

Yeah, I think it could definitely be done as a monologue–which is sort of what I’m doing in class. Like a merge between a monologue and a reading.

Isn’t that a great verse? I really like it! Really applies to ED’s, I think…


That's a shame that they ran out of time today but tomorrow will be here before you know it. You will do great, I'm sure of it. Be strong vero, we will all be there right beside you in spirit tomorrow

Good luck xxx

god, i have soooo many--- it is so much, sylvia plath, emily dickinson, T.S. elliot, walt whitman, robert frost, stanley kunitz( a more modern poet) shakepsperian sonnets--i love and adore and also write....ive been meaining to put a few of my poems on here, but they arent dealing with EDs , but maybe i will...soon...i have written a poetry book and looking to get it published, which is what i am doing now, along with writing a book. i am studying that now..which is what i want to go to college for--to be an english major...
now, i havent had a chance to write lately with so much happenings in my life and ED thoughts can cause some serious writers block, but i can unblock that, ha

if i can get those doubts out of my head and move on with my life--will be great....

and yes if Eve hadnt bitten that dang apple, no there would be no EDs and suffering....