Here's something that always gives me perspective. It's a qu

Here's something that always gives me perspective. It's a quote that says "You don't have a problem. You have a solution that you don't like."

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Nice way of looking at it. Sometimes that solution is the only one,though. So take it or leave it,right? Being a grown up is so hard,lol.

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@AnonymousMess Yes it is! lol

Boom, I might need to tattoo that onto the inside of my eyelids.

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Accepting the solution is often as simple as answering the question, "is this important enough to suffer through?" If it isn't, then you don't have a solution.
In those situations, I often step back and re-evaluate to determine if the perceived problem is actually a problem. If not, then it is just an inconvenient limitation.

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I really like that. Powerful. Should be the quote of the Day!

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Oh that's great....

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Yes, I would like to be more resilient to be able to be more grateful of solutions that do happen... We can't always get exactly what we want.

@FindingFreedom33 No we can’t, but in my own life I’ve had much heart ache and though I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, instead God gave me exactly what I needed and when all was said and done I was happier and more fulfilled than I was before. Now I don’t try to fiqure out why something happens. I just have faith that God has something better for me and that i just have to be patient.

I admire your strong faith you have in God. This makes me feel so guilty as i am a little angry with God at present. We all experience pain and i can learn from your experience and move forward towards healing.

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@sasha11 Thank you Sasha. I too once blamed God for the troubles in my life. I was furious! I could not understand why he allowed me to go through such pain, but you see, I was only seeing that one incident. It was just a small piece of a big puzzle. Now many years later I see more pieces of the puzzle and I can look back over my life and see the big picture. I can see that if I wouldn’t have suffered through that disappointment and hurt that I wouldn’t have made the decisions that I did and been blessed with more than I had before. God promises beauty for ashes and I’m a living testimony of that. Hang in there. You’re only looking at one piece of the puzzle right now, but God is good and faithful. He will direct your steps and bless you with more than you ever dreamed possible. I know he has for me. He’ll do the same for you too!

Praying for you new friend!!

Thank You! I'll be praying for you and your wife as well!

Thank you for making me think in a different direction.

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@AbbieNormal You’re welcome. I’m glad it helped :slight_smile:

@pickone amen

Not sure this is sound logic or rational thinking on many levels regarding a multitude of scenarios. Way to factors come into play for each event. Do one thing it affects another and so forth. That's a black and white generalized quote

Totally right. I sure that I have a solution, well maybe, just scared to move on it.

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Wow, thinking right now that one making quotes here is the guy I live with. Guess he has wasted 3 years with me. Guess he can't get over the hurt from his past. Guess I need to move on.

@scowt I made this quote. Its actually an old saying from AA. Often in my life I would go through all the choices I had and felt stuck because I couldn’t find a solution to my problem. Then I read this and realized I did have solutions. I just didn’t like them. It helped me to see that I’m never stuck and sometimes I just have to think about things differently. :wink: