Here's to feeling good about ourselves

Well I am an Oregonian living in Italy, I here to learn to cook in the Italian style. I know this sounds great, and believe me it is, but I am the heaviest I have been in my whole life. I am tired of not liking myself (meaning the way I look and feel), and I am ready to start to live better! I joined this group to have some support, since I am so far from friends and family, it really has helped reading post here:)
Anyways I starting riding an exercise bike this week, and I am hoping that the combination of exercise, eating better and being a part of this group will help me. I rode for 10 minutes today, and it was tough, but I feel great now:) Now I just need to keep it up!
Well I just want to wish everyone luck and let's keep positive.
Ciao Ciao

Just keep on being postive, you on the right path already and that's what important, that we look at where we are ,and then findout where we want to be and what we need to do to get there...

I know what you mean by saying u don't like the way you feel and look
Right now the mirror is not my best friend either,lol but they say a best friend would never tell you no lies heheh

You have started working on making a better you ...and that what countes.
Keep at it you on your way .

Thanks Stella I am happy for the positive words you gave, and I love what you you said about the mirror, that is so true.
I know I just started but I am already feeling better, a little exercise goes a long way to make your day:)
Well I hope you are having a fabulous day, and keep on doing your thing! I have you in my thoughts:)

i have a tip for you if you want to make yourself look better and feel better. i go to a chiropractor because of old injuries, but he told me that the reason for me not loosing weight is becuase im not getting enough water.this is what he told me to do.
1)drink half your weight in ounces of water a day. so i drank 6 bottles of water everyday. its harder to do, but if you think about what will happen in the long run, it goes down easy.
2) eat a fruit or vegitable before every meal or snack. for example, eat fruits in the morning with your breakfast because it will give you more energy because of the sgar in the fruit. lunch, eat another frui, and dinner, when things are winding down, eat a veggie before your entree. theres no sugar in them so it'll make it easier to sleep.
3) walk for atleast 10-15 mins a day. you can even walk more if u wish!

(and if you eat ur fruits and veggies before your meals, it doesnt really matter what you eat after that because you wont eat as much of your entrees.)
and this is totally not some silly thing that wont work. believe me, it works. i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks becuase of it. just make sure you keep up with it. or if you choose not to do this, i wish you the best of luck with your plan.

Yeah sami_noodlz that makes alot of sense. I definately will increase my intake of water, and the fruits and veggies is a great idea! I will try that out tonight with dinner. Oh and thanks for the hint about veggies at dinner, cause I do have trouble sleeping.
Anyways yr advice is much appreciated, so again thank you:) Have a wonderful day and keep on yr path to healthiness!