Hey all, I am new to the site... I have been living with all

Hey all, I am new to the site... I have been living with allergies for over 25 years. It first started when I was about 8 years i noticed I was allergic to something and broke out in hives that took forever to go away. Then little by little I realised I was allergic to shellfish, fish, basically anything under the sea... chocolate! :( and different herbs, basil, oregano and some others... Milk is something that was odd to me, I cannot drink milk but I can have cheese - so I am not lactose intolerant. It is so bizarre... Dust, mold ... lots of things.... Dogs, cats... I usually take some medication before going to a restaurant in case there is something in the food I am allergic too...funny thing is i have gotten used to avoiding certain things and live ok...

However, recently, I noticed every time I go into the sun, my face becomes hot and red and very blotchy. The "heat" off my cheeks take a very long time to cool off... this is a new thing for me and I have no idea what to do??? Is there anyone out there with some suggestions... It is really bothersome... any advice anyone??

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You might want to get checked for Lupus the face thing is a symptom of it.

Thank you so much, will check it out for sure!

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