Hey all - Just had a Facet Nerve Block done for the very

Hey all -

Just had a Facet Nerve Block done for the very first time yesterday. I've never had any needles stuck into me for anything other than shots and donating blood, so it was scary. My husband is living in another part of the country right now for Army training so he wasn't able to go with. I was really, really anxious, but I decided to just go ahead and get it over with. My husband and I don't have kids yet, but he comes home in December and we want to start trying. I've been on Percocet/Oxy as needed since about April, and our goal is to use the nerve block or epidurals to prevent me from having to take those during pregnancy.

Well, it went okay - definitely not a pleasant experience, but not my worst nightmare - and they sent me home saying I'd be sore for a few days, but could drive, work, etc. starting today. I was in a pretty decent amount of pain today (I'm a teacher and it's so difficult not to show that in front of the kids), and then mid afternoon it got much worse, and I had a spasm while driving which was terrifying. Excruciating pain. Maybe a 7-8 on the pain scale just for a few moments, and then it went to a constant 5-6. I'm normally at a 2-3 most days, so it was significant for me. I got home somehow and took my meds, but they didn't take effect for a long, long time.

Is it normal to be in THIS much pain after a nerve block? I didn't think it was, but I'm not sure. I wish they had told me I might have needed to take the day off.

Just feeling really sad because I'm thinking this means the nerve block didn't work, since most of the pain is coming from radiating hip/leg pain and they didn't do shots there. I'm just at my wits end trying to figure out how to manage this pain, and terrified that I'll never find a way. I'm 28, no kids, and just now starting a great career. Terrified that chronic back pain will really affect that. Plus, husband isn't here to give me hugs and all that, so I'm feeling pretty alone.

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I have had my pain problem the nerve blocker may work or it may not there are so many options to explore I only take ibuprofen and gabapinton seems to work well I took oxys for years sorry your doing that alone give it a few days it should get better... hugs let me know please

@akitty351978 What is a facet nerve block, if I can ask?

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