Hey all! My name is Amber. My massage therapist found a lump

Amber , Im Sorry to hear of the way you found out. Certainly the doctor should have made that announcement and then given you the next steps . I understand were you very well . I had the same scenario with he nodule in the neck then months of on going test to the finally biopsy. I also was so concerned how to tell the children mommy has the big " C" word. I was 34 at the time . Fast forward I told the kids mommy has a fight to endure she will need their love and prayers and support to help her we will fight this and GOD is on OUR SIDE !! HE sure was we prayed at every step , even before getting that yucky chemo and by His grace their were no side effects and was able to spring back after each treatment , after 9 months the battle was won the scans came clear and the same my friend will happen for you ! Today I have a 3 yr healthy baby girl and I have a new life and so will you !!! A couple of very important suggestions. 1 your going to need support with hubby away, send an email to all your friends and announce your going to be going thru this storm and would like your prayers, 2 get a prayer partner on this with you , 3 build your sitter list so you can rest after treatments also a network of friends willing to sit with you at treatment, turn it into fun while your there for a few hours....we always did . Most importantly keep a super good attitude confidentially knowing your going to make it thru this and Gods got it ! Feel free to reach out. I know theres nothing you've done wrong , this is not from God he loves you and will see you thru it and Im praying for you , for the support you'll need thru it ! Blessings Georgia

Georgia, your story is great and the outcome wonderful! Soon, Amber, before you know it, you will have a very similar story to tell.

Dear Hank. Thank you for the note. Yes, I think each person's case is very different and we need to have faith that the doctors know what is best for us. I am on day three of my third chemo infusion. They gave it to me on Friday, and I did not feel great on Friday, Saturday or Sunday but today has been the worst so far. I woke up and could barely get out of bed. I trying stay hydrated but when you feel nauseous it is hard to drink liquids. I will go downstairs and take the compazine after I send you this email. The dog walker just came to pick up the pup ( which helps ) Hank, did you work during chemo treatments? I am starting to get a bit concerned about the amount of down time that I am experiencing as I have my own business and need to attend to certain things. I am trying not to worry but five more months of this has me feeling very concerned. I hope you are feeling better and lets talk soon. Yes, I am in Long Beach California. I hear Australia is beautiful!! Have a great day!

@paulap293 : Hey Paula, just checking how you are doing, hope you are starting to feel better. I am gearing up to start my radiation treatment in a couple of days but I just caught a cold, so not sure if it might have to be delayed.
Also, to answer your previous question - no, I didn’t work at all during chemo. I was fortunate to have several months of sick leave accumulated and income protection insurance which allows me to completely take time off, so I won’t start work until after I finish the radiation. Hopefully you can take regular time off yourself to adequately recover and are not working full time. I heard of some people who continue to work part-time during treatment (usually just taking a few days after chemo off) - I think continuing full time work would be quite tough

Hi Amber. I can certainly relate. I started having breathing issues at 39. Was told I had asthma and given an inhaler. I slowly gave up my activities and my life. I played tennis, hiked, biked, kayaked, and had a teenage daughter. I suffered for 3 yes and knew I was deathly ill. I finally changed Dr's only to find my Dr Knew I had cancer AND DID NOT TELL ME!!! Pissed off doesn't describe how I felt. My oncologist told me I had less than 2 months to love. I was devastated. I ate right, I worked out, never smoked or did drugs, thought I was doing everything right, never sick - Bam - in one moment my life was turned upside down. Treatment was difficult. I never stopped working. I brought my laptop to chemo and kept chugging along. Tired - YES. Weak - YES. I never gave in and you won't either. I hope you find yourself on the road to healing soon.

@connie@thecreativeinput.com : Dear Connie. I am truly sorry for your ordeal. Do you mind me asking what stage you were and how they found the cancer and what treatments you have had and how long you have been cancer free etc. I would love to learn more about your situation. I hope now, things are going super well for you! Sincerely, Paula P