Hey all! Needed some guidance - I just took my last valtrex

Hey all! Needed some guidance - I just took my last valtrex this morning at 11am and I was wondering when I can relax and enjoy a beer with my friends. My OB has healed up but this is my first time on valtrex and don't want to make any rookie mistakes.
Also I read i should stay away from caffeine and alcohol because it triggers OBs but i survive on caffeine and i do love my weekend drinks. Any tips or recommendations? Thanks again friends!

whether you take meds or not, you will ALWAYS contain the virus and can shed so proceed with caution! common sense is key here.

as for caffeine & alcohol, there are many triggers which are relative to EACH INDIVIDUAL! everyone reacts differently.

my recommendation is to start a spreadsheet listing all activities and things consumed when you notice an OB or Prodrome innuendos starting. you will narrow down and **Customize** your own menu of what triggers M_Skywalker! only YOU will know.

fyi: for me, unusual fatigue is a DEAD GIVEAWAY that something is on the horizon! my body uses all its energy to combat the intruder therefore i get fatigued and know to hunker down and "Take 'Er Easy"!!

@a_survivor yay this is awesome information! :slight_smile: Are signs of beginning OBs different for everyone? I heard of tingling or swollen lymph nodes! I apologize for any silly questions im just trying to get an understanding of everything ;-;