Hey all :) so I've been aware of my hair pulling disorder fo

Hey all :) so I've been aware of my hair pulling disorder for approximately 4 years now, but when I think about it I actually started as a child by pulling my eyelashes out. I'm not sure as to the reason it started or what are the reason one does this but I realise the older I get the more it's beginning to take over my life.
I have so many bald spots on my scalp that wearing my hair loose is too much of a risk of someone perhaps seeing the patches. Can anyone recommend things to do or use that will eventually make me stop? I was considering hypnosis as last resort, has anyone tried this? :)

Welcome! Haven't tried hypnosis yet... but if u do let e know if it works!! ;)
Have u ever tried wearing extensions? they gave me back my confidence...

@Gogirl4687 thanks for the tip with the extensions. :slight_smile: I’ve thought about it using it but because the patches are all relatively situated on the top part of my head it’s hard to cover it up with extensions.

hi there :) I have had this problem now for about 7 years... Although I only pull out one hair at a time, sometimes I can pull out a lot in one evening. I've found seeing a therapist can help - having to go each week and talk it through, knowing that they expect you to work on this problem - it adds a certain 'pressure' and makes the problem seem more real and in need of addressing, if you see what I mean. By far the most effective method I find is wearing a hat. But in terms of an all-time preventative measure, being busy is the key. I went back to studying full time this year, and all the hours of study alone make it perfect for pulling hair. What was interesting was during our 5 week christmas break I barely pulled my hair at all - despite it being a stressful time! So if you can reduce your time alone if you are a student that helps no end, I find. :) Good luck...

@lindsay89 I am also a student and find that while I study I can easily without realising it pull out heaps of my hair and then the shame kicks in. I also find that when I’m with family I don’t seem to do it, particularly because they would immediately say something. Unfortunately being a student I’m constantly stressing about something and living alone doesn’t help either. I’ve bought myself hair growth serum and apply a good amount and wear a head scarf so completely block any temptation of pulling. Some days it works and some days it doesn’t.

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