HEY EVERYBODY! This is your Herpes Group Moderator here, She

HEY EVERYBODY! This is your Herpes Group Moderator here, ShellyShellShell. I want to say WELCOME to alllllllll the newcomers! We are all here for support, to answers questions, to vent, and to pass along appropriate knowledge to one another so we can all work together in ending the BAD STIGMA that herpes has unfortunately. So take a chance to introduce yourself, tell us what brought you here, how long youve been here, what you like or dont like about it here, and anything about yourself, a short story, tell us anything you would like to share so we can welcome you in here and follow along with your story so we can continue to show our unconditional support! Have a beautiful, fantastic day my friends!

Your Herpes Group Moderator,

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Hey heyyy now, dont be shy. Ill go first,

Im shellyshellshell, i was diagnosed with hsv2 genital about two months ago. I came on here and got support and learn a lot of stuff and i wanna pass along all this knowledge to you. I have two daughters and a man and i live in virginia , usa andddd i just started a new hobby, kick boxing! Its so much fun!

Your turn!

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Hi Shelly! I'm Courtney. I haven't been diagnosed but I've had 4 outbreaks so far and I'm pretty sure I know it's HSV (unsure if 1 or 2). I'm not covered for health care yet so I've got to wait for that before getting any tests.
I came here because I plummet into depression with every OB and I had no one to talk to about it, my fiancee was getting sick of me venting to him everytime I got upset so I figured I need to talk to others that know my situation. I've only been here a few weeks and so far I love it.. everyone is so supportive and I've learned so much already. I've found my go-to during an OB. What I DON'T like is the self-pity. Yes, HSV sucks but it could be so much worse! Be glad that what you have is not fatal, it's just another hurdle in the obstacle course that is life.

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Im not that "new" but...

Hello! Im Dark_Phoenix, you can call me Dark or DP for short...I contracted HSV2 in June of 2013....I came here, like many, looking for support. This group is AMAZING and while I feel the worst has past and I can go on with my life, head held high, I still come back here to offer support. I will never forget how I felt in the beginning so I want to give back to the group that once helped me so much.
Love ya guys!!! <3

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m summer! always forever summer in my country! 32yo..... living far from most of u... SG=SINGAPORE!!! 2weeks now after been diagnosed! Never had an outbreaks(hopefully pls pls I wont have an OB experience)
... always careful of most disease suddenly I caught relationship with HSV1 n 2....a guy I dated passed to me 2...but strange how long I been having 1? maybe I had 1 n 2 all this while? initially so upset n lost n confused,,,, but along the way with positive thinking n helping others in SG... def help me to relax n glad to give my views n tips n support! making new friends..... listening to pple advice n giving me support....

still I do too cant accept once awhile on this...esp my sex life.... BUT LIFE MOVE ON!
n I always believe why stop n go more down.... Lets all stood up n not hide our self.. enjoy life...


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Hey hey Kat here, 31 and diagnosed with HSV2 in June. For me the toughest part of this process has been the psychological aspect of it. Physically I have had two outbreaks in the same spot on my leg when I was first diagnosed and have had nothing since. The pain from the outbreaks was centralized to the spot on my leg and considering what I read daily on this site I consider myself extremely lucky. It's hard to imagine that this virus would affect people so differently but apparently it does. I do live my life normal everyday and again aside from the psychological effect nothing in my life is different except that I have to take more caution when it comes to relationships and I take a pill everyday. I think the biggest thing you can do to keep yourself and your partners safe is stay informed and inform others. This group is amazing. I've learned a lot and I am here to spread positivity and support! Welcome!

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