Hey everyone :) Anyone else here struggling with an addictio

Hey everyone :) Anyone else here struggling with an addiction to pornography? I just would very very much like to find someone to talk to about this. It's really crazy with me know, I almost feel like I can't control it. Sometimes I'm on my computer, working ( I'm a composer ), and out of a sudden, i just feel that urge to connect to the internet, and watch porn. Sometimes I control myself, and don't masturbate, but the feeling of just watching it is horrendous. It's dirty, it's guilty, and it's a kind of voyeurism I definitely don't want to feed. As anyone here strugled and overcame this situation? Anyone struggling still? I would really like to talk to someone about this. Thanks a lot for reading

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Hi, let's talk private. I want to tell you my experience/story in this subject.

@North45 hi I’m struggling with the exact same issues. If your willing to talk privately I’d much appreciate it. Thank you.

I have also had the same problem but I overcame it by redirecting myself to a new activity. Such as when you get to the Internet try searching something your interested in or do what I do and watch something on YouTube that interest you. It's what worked for me and I hope it does for you.

Hello I’m not addicted to porn but I was married to a man who was and after all the things I went through with him I can suggest one thing that might help. For one you can start researching the effects of watching porn on the human brain. Psychology shows increased gray matter in the brain due to prolonged exposure which causes the brain to become less intelligent and more violent. You can also think about the fact that the people who are engaging in these acts are someone’s children someone’s daughter and someone’s son, the fact that it’s actually really sad that anyone would want to degrade and use their own bodies for something that was designed to be a sacred act of love. You can also research the effects of how pornography changes the value men and women have in one another as human beings. There’s also a great video I’ll post for you on a ted talk about a man who explains why he stopped watching it. I wish you the best in stopping this addiction!