Hey everyone, I am going for my first surgery. Besides havin

Hey everyone, I am going for my first surgery. Besides having my tonsils out when I was a kid, this is the first major surgery I will be going through. I am terrified. Any advice?

Backstory: I suffer TMJD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), which is the jaw. I have gone through hell trying to fix it with several doctors and examinations, medication and therapies, but nothing really helped. So next option is surgery. On top of that I have impacted wisdom teeth which need to come out ASAP. They will be taking all 8 teeth out while doing jaw surgery!

That sounds majorly painful, but in the end I hope that everything comes out beautifully and it is worth the pain!

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@Savannah Rose thank you so much!

@Savannah Rose Thank you! I will let you know as soon as things start rolling!

@Savannah Rose I am so sorry I have not been on in a while! Exams were hectic and then I got my wisdom teeth removed! Took me two weeks to heal and they put me on percocets which I went through terrible withdrawal from sadly. I was comfortable with my surgeon and doctors! My questions were answered well but thank you so much for being so supportive through all this!
There is no word yet on when I am to go for a minor jaw surgery

I've had several surgeries in my life. Correcting a deviated septum, I've had ALL of my teeth pulled, I've had compacted molar removal, I have had an emergency implant of a suprapubic catheter due to an accident I had where I tore my urethra in two pieces, and A urethra re connection surgery which is the surgical equivalent of a C-section expect the patient is Male. What helps my anxiety towards it all is keeping in mind that the surgeons are WELL trained and do surgery almost every flippen day. Cutting into someone is nothing short of as easy as making coffee in the morning to them. Secondly, you will be asleep the whole time and will not feel a thing. As well as after the surgery your pain will still be managed and recovery is a guaranteed. Just think of how much better you will feel afterwards. Focus on the positives and keep yourself distracted and busy so the time between now and your surgery flies by. If you're borderline panic attack before the surgery just request help to keep calm from your anesthesiologist, they will help you out. I was borderline panic attack before my urethra connection surgery because I spent 3 months living with a tube implanted in my bladder which was accompanied by bladder spasms and a lovely MRSA infection I picked up during my emergency surgery (my bladder was 96% full which was causing the blood vessels that line the inside of my bladder to burst). All of that led to an extreme frustration and an overwhelming anxiety, I wasn't sure how to feel about the surgery and at that point whether or not I was even ready for it because I experienced a strange change to my psyche while trying to adapt living with what I was going through. I was given Benzodiazapines administered through my I.V. I was hooked up to before my surgery. This made EVERYTHING okay and I was wheeled into the surgery room totally excited to have it all soon to be behind me in my life. I hope this helps. You will be fine!

@ColeAlexanderFox I’m so sorry you went through all that but thank you so much for the advice!

Both you and Savannah are very welcome. Thank you especially Kaylee for your sympathy.

@ColeAlexanderFox No problem! :slight_smile:

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@Joshua-HT Thank you but it says this is for the USA, I am in Canada :slight_smile: