Hey everyone! I have not posted in a while. How is everyone

Hey everyone! I have not posted in a while. How is everyone doing? I am Hsv2 positive just over 2 years now. I'm 26 & live in Arizona. Anyone in AZ? any new members newly diagnosed want to talk? I can't sleep. :/ insomnia sucksssss.

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Hey @virgobabe! I'm new on here how is life w hsv2? For you?

@asiandoll4 it has gotten SO MUCH EASIER! It honestly does not effect my life at all. How New are you?

Hi @virgobabe08, I just got diagnosed on Thursday. I am also in Arizona. It's been a long weekend trying to cope with this. I feel like everything has changed. It's been rough, any insight going forward would be so helpful

@sanch1 oh nice to see someone else in AZ! It gets better I promise. :slight_smile: what type do you have? Genital? 1 or 2? Do you have any questions? Best advice I can give you is only tell people you completely trust. But I found great support in telling my loved ones,they are awesome support. You have a bf or gf?

@virogbabe08 I have hsv2, I am actually single and the only reason I found out I had it was because someone I was seeing told me I infected them. Unfortunately that ended but that's okay. I guess I'm just scared of what's to come. I've told my family and best friend and of course they are supportive but as petty as it sounds I just feel like finding a partner now seems so difficult. How has dating been for you? Has any other part of your life been greatly impacted?

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@sanch1 how did that person take it? Hopefully they were not angry because you did not know did you actually go and get tested to make sure that in fact that was true? I’m sure you did since you said you are a type 2. I’m glad you have support of people in your life. Honestly dating has not been very rough I told quite a few guys even guys that I didn’t see a future with but just kind of for experience and in 2 years maybe three or four guys have rejected me. And not a huge part of my life has been affected I made a mistake of telling a couple people I work with and he got around a lot of people know but LOL nothing I can do.

@virgobabe08 Honestly, I am not sure how things would have ended. I had no idea I had hsv2 because my initial outbreak was diagnosed as something else by an urgent care doctor. Therefore I went on with my life without any outbreaks. This guy called me and told me that I gave him an STD and that some other things that were extremely hurtful at the time and I overreacted and told him to leave me alone. In hindsight I may have overreacted when really he was giving me a heads up but that's hard to be accused of when you have been going on with your life thinking you are STD free. it was that day I went and got tested and the diagnosis was confirmed this past Thursday. Its frustrating to see how common it is but yet there is such a bad stigma. Its been so eye opening to hear everyones stories and I think the best thing is to accept it and be confident in who I am, regardless of this diagnosis. But every now and then its just somewhat difficult to swallow. yeah I almost told a coworker only because when I got the call I was at work and I started to cry. thankfully I didn't, I am so happy I found this group though. its nice to find people who know what you are going through. especially someone in AZ as well. :)

I was diagnosed on Friday and this weekend has been long , my BF has been amazing I think he is such a great guy to stay With me. I've been up n down just replaying thoughts but I think it will get better. Have you used lysine - tea tree oil - olive extract for your outbreaks? Are you on meds ?

@asiandoll4 How long have you and him been together? Hey may have given it to you but is he getting tested? I am not on meds nor do i take anything. i have used tea tree oil, it works. but i take meds when ihave an outbreak.

We've only been together for 3 months so not long at all. I told him if he wanted to leave after m diagnosis he could but he said he wants to stay and just practice safe sex. I really hope I don't give it to him he is going to get tested in September. I'm so glad I found this site and people to talk too. I have two questions - 1. If I drink alcohol or coffee will that cause an outbreak 2. If I workout will that cause an outbreak 3. Is it better to wear tampons / pads when my period comes ?

@asiandoll4 I have no triggers. So everyone is diferent. All you can do is try it and see if it causes an OB or not. And i wear tampons. no issues. that is good your bf is ok with your diagnosis. i read your last post, you went on vacation and slept with a guy who you were gonna spend your life with & he gave you hsv2??? then you started dating this guy? or was this all around the same time?

its complicated lol but I was trying to see who I liked more and I was not dating dating either of the seriously yet I liked them both equally and different things about them so I went on vacay caught the herpes decided I didn't want to be w that guy- not just bc he gave me herpes- and now I'm back with my choice , my BF

@asiandoll4 but my BF is aware of the hsv2

He knows about the vacay but not all the details - he thinks I for the herpes from an ex . I am
Going to find a way to tell him the truth but we weren't dating exclusively so I may not. For now I think it's good that he knows I have hsv2 and we can go from there. No need to complicate it. But no he didn't know - I'm just still in like a state of shock about it. Like how could he do this to me but I am slowly getting better. Just praying that my outbreaks are not extremely terrible

Honeslty. if he accepts H, then there is no reason he should know how you got it. idk if he knew you were seeing another guy before you both were actually dating. he may see that as betrayel. depending on how he felt for you or how much he liked you. i say go with the flow and just be happy :)

I agree thank you for speaking to me

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@asiandoll4 U are welcome! Feel free to message me. i will support you if you even wanna talk, but you have to support me. feel free to ask anything. :slight_smile:

I was diagnosed 6 years ago, about 2 years ago that's when things really hit hard for me, its bad enough dealing with this kind of disease but also I was getting out of an abusive relationship was rough. I have a lot of build up anger towards a lot of men who had done me wrong and I never though I could ever trust or love someone ever again , im currently talking to one of my past ex( not the one that abused me) , he seems sincere, but im still scared of getting hurt again.
but yeah im 25 and from CT.

@xoxLisa15 I have had it just over 2 yrs. I’m 26. And im sorry about the abusive relationship,glad you are out of it! Does the ex now know about H? Honestly… i have not had it effect my life very much. at first i was depressed and hated my life. but i forget i have it sometimes. my BF now has it too i disclosed to him on the first date. and we have been good since :slight_smile: