Hey everyone, I just found this group and I'm relieved that

Hey everyone, I just found this group and I'm relieved that I have... Ive recently started suffering from trichotillomania for about 6 months now and It's only getting worse. I already suffer from severe anxiety and I guess I started coping by pulling out my hair. It only makes me more anxious to see the tremendous amount of hair loss and i worry about my appearance more than ever before but I can't get myself to stop pulling. Ive gone to therapy and they tried putting me on medication but thats not something I'm interested in. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated... I'm feeling desperate and super anxious lately... always feel like i have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I'm only 20 years old pls help

Hey babe... Nice to hear from ya... So I will basically give you the same advice I give everyone... For me this has worked TREMENDOUSLY and I usually don't pull out hair for the next week at least... So basically all you do is go to a massage parlor and get a nice soothing (maybe erotic) massage by a professional... Trust me it will relax to a point you have never seen before and you won't have irrestible urges to pull out hair... Once, you try it, please reply to this comment or write a new post to the group about your experience with it and to what extent it helped...

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@Balkan Folk yea id love to talk actually