Hey everyone ! I’ve been dealing with HSV-2 for over 5 yea

Hey everyone ! I’ve been dealing with HSV-2 for over 5 years now ! Although the partners I’ve had since then knows, I’ve never really talked and express how hard and what I go through mentally having this.. especially during a outbreak! I’m glad I can come to this group and express my self .. this is really new to me and is a big part of my personal healing! Dealing with HSV-2 is not easy at all .. and it does make you feel less than. But we have to get out of that mind set and still live our lives!

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Where I'm from they will ridicule me if they knew I had this. It's extremely hard to be at peace with this.

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@Lifehurts2018 yeah I go through that everyday some days I don’t even think about it but some days I do ! Outbreaks bring out the worse thoughts… I don’t think we can ever be at peace with having it but we can still somehow learn to be at peace with ourselves even while having it… n I know it’s easier said than done … I still remember the very first outbreak! I was furious ! And sometimes I still do get furious but other time I stay calm and deal with it as needed … it’s definitely a lot of different emotions …

I’m with you brother! I believe there is a cure !
Idk if you heard of dr sebi but he proved in court that he cured multiple “incurable” diseases .. including herpes! He was a vegan so he ate everything thing alkaline! I do think healing is in the power of what we put in our bodies.. I believe there is a cure for every disease!

I’m a woman LOL and yes I’ve heard the story of Dr.Sebi curing this disease@WeArentPerfect

@LifeHurts2018 @WeArentPerfect:
as of now there is NO CURE for HSV. clinical trials and vaccines are fevorishly being pursued.

Alfredo Bowman—a/k/a “Dr. Sebi”—liked to tell stories. I have been unable to find any published evidence suggesting that he did extensive research or cured people who were seriously ill.


Proceed at your own risk!

Just wanted to share a few thoughts that helps me with my HSV2. HSV in whatever combination is basically a painful, shareable acne. It is not HIV or cancer, just a skin condition with a very bad reputation that is usually, not always, but usually far worse than the reality. A skin condition does not define me, or change who I am. With basic precautions to safeguard others in place no one needs to know unless we are intimate enough to kiss or share cutlery for HSV1 or physically with HSV2. Yes an outbreak sucks, just like an acne outbreak, but a little different. With the right medication, proper rest, and a healthy aka low stress lifestyle life is almost the same. I can go hiking with friends, hang out and share a meal, go on road trips, hug and hold my loved ones etc. HSV can't take that away from me, or you. I hope that a cure is found soon, but until then my meds, with insurance, are a lot cheaper than acne meds. Good luck on your journey to healing, happiness, and peace.

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@JayRob40 you’re absolutely right ! I do all the things I did before I found out I had and I handle it as needed… but there is always a thought in my head but I definitely don’t let it define me at all ! But i do hope a cure is found !