Hey everyone, I went to my doctor yesterday to check on my y

Hey everyone, I went to my doctor yesterday to check on my yeast infection and she diagnosed me with cervicitis. She said it could be caused by infection or cancerous cell. I’ve been on treatment for yeast infection for a few weeks and no one has ever told me that and yesterday was my first time my doctor said I have cervicitis. I’m scared and idk what to do, I’ve been crying since last night.

Well like cervicitis just means your cervix is swollen so that isn’t like a cancer diagnosis, they should have give you a Pap smear and they should be able to tell you if you have cell changes that are cancerous. Then if a pap indicates cancerous or precancerous cells they will possibly have you get something called a colposcopy, where they take a deeper tissue sample. Then if it’s low grade changes they usually just have you come back sooner/six months. A lot of times abnormal cells in those situations will clear up. A prolonged yeast infection is an infection that could cause inflammation. Ibuprophen is an anti-inflammatory. I always recommend getting second opinions or if your doctor isn’t helping you understand I bet you can find one that will. You’re probably okay. I freak out about all the things, it’s scary, it’s ok to be scared but it sounds like you’re probably okay. Go make sure though because cervical cancers are usually slow growing so if you have a problem you should catch it now, asap.

@radiofreemercury I do have a prolonged yeast infection, already have it for years. It always come back not long after treatment and it’s frustrating. They did give me Pap smear and now just waiting for the result. I hope you’re right that I’m ok, thank you for responding.