Hey everyone. I'm 15 years old and for the past year or so,

Hey everyone. I'm 15 years old and for the past year or so, I've been really questioning my sexuality. I grew up in a VERY conservative church and my whole family and I are pretty religious, but some of them can be really homophobic. My friend group is amazing, and I would love more than anything to come out to them as bisexual, but I'm not even sure if I am. I know that for everyone that is bisexual, it's not just a phase and it's not something you choose, but I feel like because of how I grew up I have a bit of internalized homophobia and I'm not even positive that I am bisexual. I mean, I'm only fifteen and I haven't thought about this all that much, but looking back there seem to be so many signs. I don't know. If any of you have any advice or something, that would be incredibly appreciated :))

I think you answered your own question when you said, "I don't even know if I am". Give yourself time. You are still very young, too young to be serious about either sex. If you go out with a girl, you don't have to explain to your family, or anyone. Don't make any serious declarations until you do know. I wish you a happy and healthy life.

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I would like to respectfully offer a differing opinion from Jwaltz's. I am fourteen, and have been sure of my bisexuality for a while now. I believe there is no universal age when love and sexuality become possible. I know people who have had significant others since 6th grade, and I know people who don't plan to date until they've finished high school.
My advice is: it's fine to be questioning (unsure of your sexuality), and it's fine to be bi. You don't need to know your sexuality in any hurry, but you don't need to put off any planned soul-searching until some mental cutoff. If you have a particularly supportive friend, you could ask them to talk about it with you, especially if they questioned at some point in their lives. In my experience, it seems pretty normal for teens to be out to their friends before they are out to their family (I was).
Additional note: religion doesn't have to be homophobic. Any god who is good is accepting of queer people, and the Catholic God (a bit presumptuous, but I inferred that is your church) seems pretty good to me, speaking as a non-Catholic. You can tell any family members that are acting homophobic how the pope (again, assuming you're Catholic) is alright with queer people, or even invoke the Beatitudes if you feel particularly religious (blessed are those who are persecuted in the name of righteousness). Hopefully, this will help them be more accepting of you, if and when you come out.

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@Emma490 and @Jwaltz , thank you both so much for your perspectives! Your responses have brought a lot of clarity into my situation and it’s really nice to not feel alone :) I agree with both of you and I will probably just take some time to mull it over and do some more research, and then potentially talk to one of my bi friends? Who knows! I will try to not rush it and just give myself time to accept myself internally before coming out to anyone. I really appreciate both of your advice and I hope you both have. wonderful day!

@fishnchips04 Good luck with your next steps! No matter how much mass media denies our existence (seriously, just try to find a single popular bi character), you’re never alone. Wonderful day to you too.