Hey everyone it’s currently 3 Am where I’m at and my tho

Hey everyone it’s currently 3 Am where I’m at and my thoughts are keeping me awake. Honestly I wonder will I ever accept the fact that I have hsv. Some days I feel powerless. Since my diagnosis I’ve been living in fear. i feel like an outcast, I feel like I will never truly be accepted. I joined a dating app because of course I get lonely. So having someone to talk to always eases the pain. But then I realize that even if I liked someone I don’t think I could bear telling them about my diagnosis. It’s painful to me to even talk about it. Not only I have to deal with this and then I have other life stuff going on too. I’ve lost friends, bonds with people whom I cared for deeply. So now i feel all alone. I just want to stop hurting and get back to being happy again .

@DianaDoll, I'm 1 month out and I totally get what your saying. I'm awake, 3am, scared, can't tell anyone, alone. Trying to wrap my head around HSV and all the problems with it. The night time is the worst. When the sun comes up things are much more clear. Hang on. Sleep 10 minutes at a time if we must. Day is coming with new hope. I think im going to start a new hobby that gets me out of the house and in a position to meet people. Not dating but fun interaction. It's a start...one day at a time. Now back to sleep for whatever time I can get. Good night Diana.

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I just found out a few days ago guy i was seeing infected me with hsv1 and when i was honest with him and telling him he infected me then he blocked me which trully made me start sobbing, how can he give me something incirable then treat me like im gross just bevause hes in denial he has it

@DianaDoll I know exactly how you feel, I haven't dated since and I can't bear the thought of telling anyone as well. Its been a couple of years now. I wish I had the power to change things for us all.

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@DianaDoll, you will get through this and things will get better. I have posted a couple times about why I chose to date someone with HSV while I didn't have it and it is simple. If someone is a good match for you a bad case of acne won't be a big issue, compared to all the good things. But if they are a bad match or selfish then it will be a deal breaker but will save you from wasting your time. Also you should know that more people have some form of HSV than don't. Estimates vary for ages and locations but blind testing usually shows anywhere from one third to two thirds of people have it, just it is overlooked because most of the time HSV is a minor issue, as it will be with the person worthy of your heart. Good luck on your journey.

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@JayRob40 that gives me some hope, im new to.all this i just fpund out a few days ago i have hsv1 im trying to process this its guy i was seeing who infected me and then he blocked me when i faced him with reality