Hey everyone, whats good for oral herpes symptoms aside from

hey everyone, whats good for oral herpes symptoms aside from lysine? i haven't experienced any lesions or cold sores yet just a swollen lymph node and i think a slight migraine. im also afraid to rub my eyes, should i be?

would love to keep it at bay naturally

also is eye herpes rare?

General things that keep your immune system strong. Vit c, vit d, garlic, zinc, and of coure St. Johns wort. I wash my hands all the time now. I make sure they are clean before touching anything. I have rubbed my eyes, but only with just washed hands. I also sometimes use tissue instead of my finger if I feel iffy. I'm no doctor though. I'm sure other have their own input.

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thanks for that info, whats the best ways to prevent spreading oral herpes to family members? idk what to do during viral shedding

@Lonely17 To be honest I don’t know either. I have been drinking only my own cups/bottles and not letting anyone else. I think it can be transferred that way. It can’t be passed though towels, or soap. Don’t let others use your tooth brush though. Don’t share food either I’m assuming. The only good thing about getting my diagnosis was now I can protect my family.

Well... this is such a difficult thing to answer. When I was going through my initial situation, about a month or 2 in, I would wake up with blood shot eyes. My eyes would also be slightly burning. I would tear up, and yawn and it was like that literally red, hot irritation would be washed out. I'd use clear eyes for it and was worried it would be a regular thing. ....The trigeminal nerve innervates with the whole face, salivary glands, part of the scalp, and branches into the eyes. Oral hsv can potentially express itself anywhere on the trigeminal nerve. From my experience, I find that it wants to express at the ends of the nerves OR, if there's damage to nerves, then those areas become hotspots for lesions or ulcers to form...

I think there comes a certain point where you can't auto-innoculate yourself because of built up immunity/antibodies floating around. But before that time, if you auto-innoculate then there's potential for spreading an outbreak to a vulnerable area like one's eye.

I think you're fine. Herpetic keratitis (eye herpes) isn't extremely common but it's possible. Just be conscious of touching your face/lips/lesions and wiping your eye.

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