Hey guys, does anyone know of any good relaxation techniques

Hey guys, does anyone know of any good relaxation techniques that I can do at home? I've been having a lot of frequent headaches and migraines lately and I think it could be related to my ptsd and anxiety. I've been taking it easy so things haven't gotten so bad that I need to see a doctor or go to a hospital. Does anyone have any tips or techniques I could do at home to help me relax a bit more?

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Close your eyes take a deep breath and count to 10 slowly n just clear your mind. Seems to help me alittle. Not much bUT hey better than not at all

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I like to try to picture a peach like everything about it. Close your eyes and concentrate on it the smell taste feel. OR you could do my other favorite thing ^_^ I like to picture a bookcase and I pull a book any book I can think of that I read. I dust it off and place it on the floor in a pile until I am not sure of any more books.

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I usually go lie down in a dark quiet room. Maybe with a soft sound like the fan blowing. It really helps me. Both for a migraine,or just to calm my thoughts. Do you enjoy reading? I know it helps me escape from my problems. Hope you feel better.

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@AnonymousMess The darkness and reading thing really helps me a lot. Most of the time, my migraines get so bad that any sound or bright lights usually make it worse. So most of the time I keep most of the lights off in my apartment and spend the evening reading, drawing or writing.

When I have a migraine I tie a bathrobe belt around my head tightly... this applies preasure evenly... along with ibuprofen or tylenol... and laying down in a dark room... helps my migraine go away...

Callanetics AM PM, because I don't have time for yoga. Sometimes I just stand bending over as much as I can for a while to loosen up my spine because I have to get up in a while but abdominal exercise makes you breathe deeper unconsciously. Also soaking feet in warm water with sea salt. Good luck.

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@knarri Thanks for the advice. I’m going to try it. After what happened to me yesterday, I think I’m going to need to start practicing relaxation techniques now more than ever. Besides, that sea salt feet soak sounds awesome.

What happened to you? I had an awful family and generally hate Christmas, I hope it's nothing other than that

@knarri Hahaha I wish it was as simple as that. My Christmas was kinda like that until I got a certain message on face book. When I was young my family abandoned me and put me in foster care (just to give you a bit of background info.) So when I became of age, I abandoned them back because when I turned 18, after years emotionally abusing and traumatizing me, they started acting like they cared about me, they were there for me my entire life and that we were a family. I felt it wasn’t right so I decided I wanted nothing to do with them (there’s a lot more to it than that but this is the short version). So I changed my number, I blocked them on pretty much everything online and made it near impossible for them to get a hold of me. Yesterday, one of my older sisters sent me a message on face book (though I have no idea how it got through) desperately asking for my help and saying that I am the only person she can rely on. I hate my biological family and want nothing to do with them but after seeing the message and seeing the lengths she went to so that I could receive the message, I’m unsure if I should call her and hear her out. It’s been stressing me out pretty bad.

@hunterx88 Have you tried meditating? I've heard that this is a good place for it meditationonoaisis.com. Also having soothing sounds in the backroom like water etc can help so much. Best Wishes

@ColaWars I try to keep the lights off in my apartment and listen to piano music or my favorite band on spotify. I do meditate sometimes but not a lot. It’s really hard for me to do because old painful memories resurface.

There are Apps that help to on android

Breathe in for, say, 8 seconds (or however many seconds feels comfortable.) Hold breath for the same number of seconds. Breathe out for the same number of seconds. Hold breath out for same number of seconds. (All breathing is done through the nose). Repeat a few times. Helpful for anxiety attacks.

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Hi. Is this site working now?

@L2015 It’s working fine for me right now. Was the site not working recently?

There are some great guided meditations on YouTube

Hunter, SG has been working on and off all day.

Exercise is great. Also deep breathing and Yoga. I use a diffuser with lavender and that really helps. I also use mindfulness. Focus on what you see and hear. Count five things that you can hear, four things that you can see, three things that you can smell. This can help take your focus away from the effects of the anxiety.

Google "youtube EFT anxiety" for free do-it-yourself 6 minute anxiety relief.