Hey guys, I am going to Therapy and I was always very happy

Hey guys, I am going to Therapy and I was always very happy with her. She seemed very professional to me. Now I am really confused: The other day she said "You can throw every religion into the trash". I am personally not religious, but still - it´s her own opinion coming out and I am not a fan of it. What do you guys think? Should I tell her about my concern? In other things I was always a fan...but she is really obsessed with the religions-hate. Especially the christian one because of all the abuses... but aren´t these the people and not the religion that is wrong? Like in any other religion. I am so confused

You are the one that hears her say those things so it's really up to you. If it were me and it REALLY turned me off and she makes comments about it too often then I would probably not make any more appointments. You said she's really obsessed with religions-hate so it does sound extreme. It isn't professional of her to say things like that especially more than once. I hope my thoughts help you decide if you make any more appointments. There's plenty of therapist to pick from.

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@Fohb460 Thank you! I have to consider that