Hey guys so I spoke with my dr today. I have hsv-1. I did ha

Hey guys so I spoke with my dr today. I have hsv-1. I did have an hsv-1 outbreak on my genitals and in my mouth. But does not having hsv-2 mean its easier and not as risky to have protected vaginal sex?? Is it 'good news' that i dont have hsv-2??

It is news, neither good nor bad, if you have it in your genitals, then you still need to avoid sex while having an outbreak and use protection every time. What this means is that you most likely got it from oral sex from someone with HSV-1. Hugs!

Me and my fiance both have hsv-2 I passed it to him didn't find out till I had my first OB we don't have protected sex but I don't have sex durning an OB (HOW CAN ANY ONE ITS SO PAINFUL AND ITCHY) but I still recommend having protected sex even if you get a new partner. Plus if your breaking out in both areas you could possibly have both.

Hsv1 genital is less risk. But you have more chance giving it to him thru oral sex.
Hsv2 is higher risk but you have both sites as hsv1

@lisajd I was ready to use condoms for oral sex regardless but does this mean theres a smaller risk of transmitting hsv1 to him during protected vaginal sex?

Yes correct.