Hey guys. This is proving to be a tough time of year for me

Hey guys. This is proving to be a tough time of year for me. Plus a lot of stress happening right now as I am finishing up school studying physical therapy. I was doing so well without sugar and eating healthy in the beginning of the year and now I don't know what happened to that. It is hard to get it back. I am starting over today. Anybody with me? I need help man....

Try taking chromium
The more sugar you have the more you want it. Protein and non sugar foods. Try natural sugar foods like fruit. Coconut and nuts instead.

@lisajd Yes on the non sugar foods, protein, coconut and nuts! But I am curious about chromium, what does that do? Where do you get that?

i am with you! look at pictures , look at your body and its changes from not having sugar. Get fruit and freeze it, splenda ok? Find a niche to take you out of this bump in the road. I am confident you will getthrough it! i have been trying myselff to stay away from the sugar, my dr. thinks itmakes my depression worse. Find natural ways to get that sugar high, exercise helps too... Good Luck

@cindyv Yes, thank you! It does make depression worse, I’ve had that problem with it too. Gluten even more so than sugar for me, but sugar too. Thanks for the support

I am with you, I struggle too :(

@compulsivefeeler I know right… why is it such a struggle. We can do it, time starts now. It has been all day for me and I’m eating a lot of fruit which is what helped me when I first got off it at the beginning of this year. I remember the first 21 days being soooooooo hard. Uggg, when I make it through this again I will think twice about starting up again.