Hey guys This last two months I was feeling amazing. I got

Hey guys
This last two months I was feeling amazing. I got into running really intensely as well as high intensity workouts. I could run for 8 km which I did almost every morning without a break, and it improved my mood immensely! I started going out to (and actually enjoying) parties and I even stopped my binge eating. I was in amazing habits and my mental health was improving. I thought that was the end of it. However, I obviously started too fast/intensely with the exercise regime and I inured my ankle. It threw me. I couldn't run, and I felt the effects immediately. All in a little over two weeks, I relapsed into my binge eating and I feel really depressed. Running was kind of what I was using to draw me away from binging and has acted like a solace for me, and now I've been told I can't be on my ankle for a couple of weeks. I have tried replacement exercises but nothing seems to get my endorphins like running. Running was my holy grail and I feel like the floor has just been dropped from beneath me. I'm worried I'll go back to where I was, losing all of my physical and mental progress. Any suggestions or words of wisdom??

I'm a little concerned that you may be transferring your eating disorder to compulsive exercise. Both are damaging and difficult to deal with once you become habituated. Why not mix up your exercise routine a bit. Find some pleasurable alternatives to always running. Swimming, bowling, golf and walking come to my mind but obviously they have to be your choices. Instead of running away from the real issues of your binge eating, why not confront them and learn how to deal with those binge urges and the issues or feelings that you have been suppressing through your eating/running? Consider going through a cognitive-behavioral therapy series to learn to deal with those issues/feelings and to learn life strategies for effectively dealing with the food urges. Exercise is great as long as it doesn't turn into another compulsive habit. Hugs

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