Hey I had my initial outbreak about 6 weeks ago It was very

Hey I had my initial outbreak about 6 weeks ago
It was very severe pain and flared up so fast, just walking and sitting was excruciating. I could feel burning and throbbing just standing or lying down. I felt completely rotten and was super sick and nauseous too- I ended up going to the hospital because it was a weekend and couldn't get to Dr. (Public hospital in NZ is free and you don't have to wait that long to see a dr). They swabbed me and it was positive HSV2. Hospital started me on acyclovir and just ibuprofen/paracetamol for the pain. I also got lignocaine gel and that gave me incredible instant relief!
It healed well after a week and now I take acyclovir every day and haven't had an outbreak, I just feel an occasional mild ache where my sores had been.
Is this normal? Having such a severe first outbreak do you think it's likely I'll have more outbreaks even on surpressive daily acyclovir?

Hello i just wanna let you know that im here to help and support you. Lets suooprt each other so we can talk 1on 1 @GennyBunny

I'm sorry your going through that GennyBunny. More than likely you will do ok while you take the medicine. I have read where most people do fine as long as they stay on their med.

Everyone is different on outbreaks. If you do get an outbreak it won't be nearly as bad.

There are a lot if people on here with HSV1. Is HSV2 more severe or are outbreaks same frequency and pain?

I had a really severe initial outbreak. Over two months now. The pain/burn is finally fully gone. Don't know if it's the meds, vitamins, or the virus finAllt went fully back to the root.

My initial outbreak was so bad I wanted to rip my lady part off but I have had one since then and literally just got a bump took 3 days of valtrex and it went away no other symptoms they are being honest when they say the first is the worst

Sorry for your pain. I count myself lucky mine was pretty painless. Given there can be frequent initially keep your immune system up to scratch to ward off more obs