Hey I posted yesterday a/b my 4 month old daughter. I've had

Hey I posted yesterday a/b my 4 month old daughter. I've had herpes for 5 years. I didn't plan on having kids for that reason but I became pregnant. I love her more than life! Now I believe she's either contacted herpes from me or her father. I don't understand I'm always extra careful. Her doctor called saying she's has an infection in her blood &'d she very sluggish &'d have a bad rash. I'm so heartbroken. :( I have 24 more hours to wait on her results & I'm losing it. Could use a little support :( Please.

There is a chance of our offspring contracting the disease. But, there is still a chance that she might not have. When I have kids I will go the safer route of having my kids csectioned (not sure how to spell it) because of that reason. I'm praying for you and your little family.

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@mogal13 Just trying to find something to elevate my mind …

Thank you. Please do! She tested negative for it twice after she wS born ...... I'm just so torn apart how could she have possible caught it. I'm just praying the infection in her blood & this rash is from some other cause. I can't live knowing I've hurt my baby :(

I completely understand. Its kind of similar to my problem. I just lost the one guy I've had the longest relationship with. There was no sexual contact and I told him why. I couldn't live with knowing I could hurt the one I love.

@mogal13 That’s how I feel. Her dad & I argue all the time b/c of the disease & he’s the one I contracted it from. I just pray my babygirl doesn’t have it :frowning: