Hey I'm Avril I've recently hit a weight I never "dreamed" I

Hey I'm Avril I've recently hit a weight I never "dreamed" I'd reach, I don't have will power I don't have the ability to stop my self or break my cycle of comfort eating. I look at my figure and genuinely can't understand why I have a partner, how I brought a child into this world. I live every day in constant pain and most of the doctors don't even give me a second look and just blame my weight. Which then sends me in my ****** eating habits:(

You cannot control the urge of eating, but you CAN decide what type of food you eat.

You see, you only get fat from eating BAD food. You can eat as many vegetables, and fruits as you want and never get fat. And that's the trick, replacing your garbage food, with healthy food. If you get fat or are fat, it simply means you are eating bad food. That's it. Only eat fruits and vegetables and ONLY drink water. No add ons, or sauces, only boil your food in water, never bake it.

Step two is exercise. A fat body is a body out of balance, it consumes more energy that is being used, to re balance it, you need to work out more.

Try to get back to the scientific BMI index that is healthy for your body and stay there.