Hey I'm new here. I don't know how I explain myself to my fa

Hey I'm new here. I don't know how I explain myself to my family. My dad says he is ok with everything, but he thinks this is just a phase. WHICH IT'S NOT. How do I explain him that it's not a phase. and when I said I would want to get my hair cut in mens room, he said that they won't do girl's hairstyles, and I just said: seriously? how the f##k would they even make girls hairstyle from my hair? I have shorter hair that he does, and I was thinking that I want it just shortened, before I try to do it myself with freaking razor blade.(I have done it before and let me say, it doesent end up well. I had neck full of cuts after that.)

As a parent I know that inside he must really be trying, maybe say something like, Dad, I know this is tough, I know you see this as a stage, but I am trying really hard to make my outside match how I feel inside. Would you please take me to your barber, I would really like a Male bonding experience. :)

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@CKBlossom I know and my father is awesome person but sometimes he just doesn’t think what he says. At least he accepts me pretty much who I am. I just don’t know how to explain it’s not a phase. Well atleast I don’t live with mom. she always tries to make me wear her clothes. when I ask her why does she force me to wear dresses and stuff in parties but not my brother, she says it’s because I have girls body and my brother doesent. Does that woman even listen to herself? No-one can see witch body parts I have under clothes so wtf is she trying to say? I know its hard for her to accept hearing I’m trans, but it’s been pretty much obvious since I was 4. I never really liked girls stuff that much, I mostly played with guys ans liked to dress up like guy. I even got bullied by other kids for being like boy. and she didn’t notice ANYTHING? I even tried to bind my chest when I was 12. I mean how obvious can it get. I didn’t myself really know about transgenders and stuff back then, so I couldn’t tell them yet but still I didn’t think its THAT surprising taking account they saw me trying to dress like guy and hide my hair under cap since I was 10. I told them when I was 14-15 when I found out what transgender means. Even our neighbour tought I was trans before I told them.