Hey. I'm new to this group. I have been fighting mono for a

Hey. I'm new to this group. I have been fighting mono for a little over a year now and my fatigue has not been going away. The doctor said that I might have CFS and since there is no real test they can do for that I just have to wait and see if my energy levels get better or not. I've been trying to stay positive, but it's getting really hard now. My parents and family members keep telling me to stay positive and every time they do it feels like a slap in the face like I'm not being positive, or like if I was just a little happier or a little more positive then the fatigue would just go away. It's also just been really overwhelming with all the doctor's visits and researching about ways to keep my energy up and things I can do and everyone keeps telling me things that I can be doing to help and I know they mean well but it just feels like a lot. And then if they find out I'm not doing everything they suggest because I just physically can't, then they start telling me that I need to be doing more but I'm just so tired already. And the fact that I just don't know if this fatigue is here to stay or not is just really discouraging me from wanting to do these things to get better because I just want it to go away on its own.
I didn't know if I am allowed to post here since I haven't been officially diagnosed with CFS yet, sorry if I was not supposed to post this. I was just reading through the feed and related with what everyone was saying so much and I don't really have anyone to talk to about this, and I thought you all might understand what I was going through and be able to offer me words of encouragement.

Has anyone tested you vitamin B levels? B12 helped me for a while.

Yeah, they've tested vitamin B12, thyroid levels, iron levels, blood counts, cortisol, vitamin d, a bunch of things and everything is in the normal range.

I recently received a coupon for free smoothie at a franchise place. I tried the green tea drink and added banana. It gave me energy. I looked online and it has whey protein in it. In the past it never helped but maybe with the matcha it works. Maybe you have mono that is not improving.